Review: Is Sunpower Legit?

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In this review, you will be finding out if Sunpower investment, which is the name of the new earning platform is legit or scam, including some additional details which includes how to earn money on the platform that’s if after reading, you find it appealing or worth the risk. is the website address of a new earning platform that was launched not long ago which is aimed at rewarding users who invest with amazing return on investment or any amount they invest on the platform starting from 2000 naira to a million naira. In this article, as already stated, we are going to be finding out all there is to know about or Sunpower investment, so intending users will be aware of the gains and potential losses or risk they are about getting into.

About Sunpower Investment (

Sunpower is a new online earning platform or hyip scheme that claims to reward users with as much as 1000% of whatever they deposit on the platform. This level of ROI can only be gotten if you invest and leave the money for up to 50 days without withdrawing as you stand a chance of earning 20000 naira and above for just a deposit amount of 2000 naira.

Sunpower( claims to be under Max Sun Energy, an solar installation firm in Australia but after close investigation, I discovered that the platform administrators is just threading on the popularity of the company to boost patronage of their ponzi website and as such there is no link between Sunpower investment and Max sun Energy Ltd. This is a dubious sign or better put red flag that any potential investor should have in a mind.

Is Sunpower Investment ( review) legit?

For now, Sunpower investment is legit as there is no proof of it not paying or being a scam. It is a ponzi scheme and I believe you stumbled upon this article to find out more about it because you wish to invest. Investing on a ponzi scheme is risky because there is a high chance you won’t receive the money you deposited unless you join on time.

In as much as Sunpower may not be scam at the time of publishing this review, in the nearest future, the story will certainly change because they are practically robbing peter to pay Paul i.e. robbing the new participants who would join later on to pay the old investors who will be placing withdrawals at the time and this is what causes all platforms similar to Sunpower to crash, so don’t expect anything new.

How to Get Started On Sunpower Investment ( Review)

Is legit or scam?

  • To get started, you need to create an account and this can be done on Maxsunenergy official website.
  • The account creation process is so simple as there is no verification whatsoever. Just enter your phone number and password and you have an account. It’s as simple as ABC.
  • When you are done creating the account, you will be given free 200 naira bonus as welcome bonus to probably encourage you to deposit. Additionally, you will be given an auto investment plan worth 5400 naira which will be fetching you 54 naira daily.
  • This auto investment plan wouldn’t change anything if you don’t invest though, because you may not reach minimum withdrawal before the platform folds up.

Investment Plans On Sunpower (

There are various investment plans starting from the plan of 2000 naira to the 1 million naira plan. Again this is another red flag to be wary of. Only potentially dubious platforms like Sunpower would launch a cheap looking website and fix highest deposit amount at 1 million. The goal is that once they successfully hit a gullible person, they close the platform and move on to the other.

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That being said, below is a screenshot of the available investment plans on Sunpower aka; review, is Sunpower investment legit?

As you can see form the screenshot above, the plan of 2000 naira will fetch you 460 naira daily for 50 days. The higher your investment plan, the higher your interest rate. It’s now left for you as a ponzi person to know which plan to go for according to your pocket size or spare cash.

When Was Launched?

When was launched? was launched or the website was officially registered on the 19th of May. This means the platform was created two days ago. The platform is still very new and if there is anytime to try it out, this could be the perfect time. If you are wondering why the age of an earning platform is very important, consider reading this article beyond this point.

Why is the Age of Ponzi Schemes Important?

There are various reasons but I’ll summarize in the following points;

  1. A very young platform means there’s been no withdrawals done on the platform. When there is no withdrawal, it means the platform is still in it’s strongest form. Most online platforms especially ponzi schemes get weaker daily as people keep withdrawing but for Sunpower investment that was created two days ago, it’s unlikely there’s been any withdrawals.
  2. A very young or new platform or ponzi scheme means the platform will most likely pay the new investors. This is to boost confidence in order to gain more users. If you are a ponzi scheme constant participant, then joining early would be your best option as the platform is still new and the administrators would most likely pay well to the first set of people to gain more participants.
  3. The longer a platform lasts, the weaker it gets. This is so for all ponzi schemes, so it’s best to join early so your money won’t be used to settle oldbies who are placing withdrawals. Review – Red flags Of Sunpower Investment

Sunpower investment referral bonus

  • The first red flag is the high interest rate. Most online earning platforms offer high interest rate but the rate of Sunpower is very high and this is typical of fraudulent platforms. They do so to make greedy participants invest a very high amount to give them a chance to perpetrate fraud in a big way. A high interest rate means the platform is a hit and run and wouldn’t even last more than two weeks in most cases.
  • The second red flag is the fact that Sunpower investment has launched in the past with the domain name – and crashed after sometime leaving investors in sorrow. administrators were not smart enough not to use the same name again.
  • The third red flag is the referral bonus or structure which is very high. Imagine you get 10% from your direct referrals, 4% from your second level referrals and 1% from your third level referrals.
  • Note these bonus from referrals are added on a daily basis from the amount or commission gotten from your paid referrals. This is very high and would certainly make the platform crash in a very short while.
  • Lastly, there is no forgot password button or option which means if you mistakenly forget your login password, your account and your deposit as well is gone. So participate at own risk.


That’s all there is to know about Sunpower! I believe this review touched everywhere as it should? The ball is now in your court to decide whether to join or not. Gistrealz is not in anyway affiliated with Sunpower investment, this is just a review to guide you or open your eyes to know if to register and invest or not.

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