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Mcrypto is an application that provides users an opportunity to earn free cryptocurrency when they play games on a daily basis. If you are the type of person who enjoys playing games, it may interest you to know that with the mcrypto app, you get rewarded for doing the same fun things you would have done just for free.

In this post, we are going to be having a look at how you can play games and earn free crypto ranging from Bitcoin, USDT to ethereum simply by playing games. We are going to touch all the various aspects that should be touched to ensure you know what mcrypto app is about and all the ways to earn.

How to Start Earning Free Crypto On Mcrypto App

Like I stated earlier, mcrypto is an app that rewards users with crypto when they play games. To get started on mcrypto, just follow the simple steps below;

  • Download Mcrypto application and sign up with your Google account.
  • The sign up process is very brief and simple, just sign up with your Google account and then you will be logged into the main dashboard with an option to scratch a welcome card.
  • All new users are given free 1,000 points and will be given additional 299 points upon scratching the floating card.

How to scratch card on mycrypto app

  • Scratch the card to get additional bonus and then start playing games, click on play games and start playing games to accumulate more points.

That’s all there is to know about earning crypto on mcrypto app but there is another way or let’s say, the major way of accumulating additional points which can be converted to money. This is the fastest way and if you have the means to get many referrals, then you will be able to withdraw as soon as possible.

Additional Ways to Get Points On Mcrypto App

Mcrypto referral bonus

The additional way to get points on mcrypto app or better put the fastest way is by referring new users to the app.

In order to start referring, just click on invite friends on your dashboard, copy your referral link and share to friends. Each person that signs up with your referral code and completed the steps such as scratching the code, you get 1000 points.

Is Mcrypto Legit Or Fake?

Mcrypto is legit. They actually pay users instantly upon request. So there is no cause for alarm or concern when it comes to whether or not the app is legit or fake.

You have nothing to worry about, just ensure you accumulate enough points for withdrawal and you’re good to go. Currently, you can see the available rewards on the rewards tab.

Immediately you have enough points for withdrawal of any reasonable amount, just place withdrawal and input your Binance USDT, Bitcoin or ETH wallet and the payment will arrive in your account instantly.

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