Metaflux Review: Is Legit? (Red Flags)

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Metaflux review

Metaflux is an online earning website that claims users can make money seamlessly by clicking on adverts, reading articles and sharing sponsored posts. If you are an active follower of this blog, then you’d know we’ve reviewed a similar online earning platform some days ago known as monieflow. In this metaflux review, we will be finding out if the platform is legit or scam by discussing the various red flags noticed on the platform.

In this article, we will have a look at how you can earn money on Metaflux as well as the red flags you should beware of Incase you have plans of signing up or taking the platform very seriously. So without wasting much time, let’s dive straight into the business of the day.

About Metaflux

Metaflux is an online earning website that rewards users monetarily for clicking on ads, reading articles and also sharing sponsored posts on a daily basis. In other words, it’s a get-paid-to platform and this is not the first time we’re getting to see a platform with this payment model or arrangement. domain name was officially launched on the 19th of January, meaning the platform is just over a month old and if you are the type of person who participates in this type of websites, you will know the platform is very close to slipping away from safe zone.

Ways of Earning Money On Metaflux

How to earn money on Metaflux

There are three main ways of earning on Metaflux and they are as follows;

1. Read to Earn – according to the information on the website, when you read blog posts on Metaflux, you earn 200 naira for each. This is really huge as you can read more than once to accumulate more money from reading articles.

2. Clicking on Ads – like I stated in the beginning part of this article, you also get to earn money from clicking on ads. According to them, each ad you click on the website earns you 200 naira as well, instantly.

3. Meta Engage Bonus – you also earn when you engage on the posts from sponsors on Metaflux and earn 300 naira.

These are the three main ways of earning money as a non-affiliate user, but if you have plans of referring, then there is an entirely new and interesting way of earning from Metaflux and in this metaflux review, we will examine it.

How Metaflux Referral Program Works

The Metaflux Referral program is perhaps the most interesting aspect and highly rewarding for people with a huge team. You earn 4,200 naira for any direct referral you get to register and purchase a package.

What this means is, with a huge team, you can rake in millions from Metaflux simply from sharing your link to them and spreading the news of the platform. But this is not without risk, imagine your referrals not being able to withdraw money from their own investment? We will talk about that in the red flags later on.

Metaflux Sign Up Steps

To sign up and start earning, simply hop into Metaflux and click on Sign In, then tap on Sign Up, you will be shown a sign up form. Fill the form and also proceed to purchase a coupon code from one of the administrators.

After purchasing the code paste it on the registration form to complete and then you will be allowed to start earning money without hassles on Metaflux.

Mimimum Withdrawal On Metaflux

Minimum withdrawal on Metaflux

The minimum withdrawal amount is 25,000 naira for ordinary users and 10,000 naira for affiliate users i.e. people who are active referrers can cash out their referral bonuses once it accrues to 10,000 naira.

Metaflux has many ways of earning maybe that’s why they have a higher minimum withdrawal, but should that be an excuse to fix such a high payout minimum amount? We will answer the question soon.

Metaflux Review – Is Legit Or Scam?

Personally speaking, there is every indication that Metaflux is not legit. It is true that the platform is paying at the moment, but the policies and design of the platform reeks of scam. Since the essence of this metaflux review is to open your eyes to the potential red flags and downsides of going ahead to register on the site, below are my reservations;

First of all, they are using the coupon code method of registration whereby, users must purchase codes from their assigned vendors before they can even gain access to the main dashboard.

This is a major red flag as platforms with coupon code registration procedure have been proven to be scam in the past and from the arrangement of Metaflux, it seems to be scam as well.

Secondly, Metaflux has a high deposit amount and withdrawal. The minimum deposit and only package is 5,000 naira of which you will be given 3,000 naira welcome bonus but even at that, the minimum withdrawal renders the free welcome bonus useless.

Imagine waiting till you’ve earned 25,000 naira before you can place withdrawal. It’s simply a way of telling normal users to find way and refer before they can regain their monies. So if you were dreaming of registering on Metaflux, kindly rethink unless you’re ready to refer others.

Thirdly, Metaflux has been around for more than a month; platforms like this get significantly weaker as time goes on. But if this isn’t a determining factor for you, you can proceed to sign up.

Most of the so called top earners are the verified coupon code vendors. This is a red flag because it simply means that, the names are not real users but just used as a front to lure new users into the platform because it will take a more than just determined and experienced person to not join a platform after seeing the highest earners income ranging in millions. So for your own good, don’t fall prey to this scheme.

Lastly, there is a fixed payment date which is on the 30th of every month. So they’ve only made the first payment which is January 30th; yet the payment proofs flying around have different dates. There are more than enough reasons to be wary of Metaflux.

We’ve come to the end of this metaflux review! From what you’ve read, is Metaflux Legit? Feel free to answer the question by dropping a comment for others to know what you think. Thanks.

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