Metapop Review – Is Legit Or Scam?

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Metapop review

There’s been an influx of many Cryptocurrency mining applications but majority of then don’t seem to be legit thus the need for one to read about a crypto mining platform before registering. In this metapop review, we will be finding out more about; the red flags and green flags (if any) and for you to know if the platform is actually legit or scam

Metapop was launched some months ago, approximately 3 months back and ever since they have gained reasonable followership due to the similarities the project shares with avive; another crypto mining app. But sharing some similarities with another seemingly legit platform doesn’t make metapop a legit platform. So in this article, we will touch various areas and by the end you should know or at least have some reason to either say metapop is legit or scam.

About Metapop

Metapop is a cryptocurrency mining app that is based on referral. As a user, you are to sign up, download the metapop application, complete the KYC and then start referring others with your referral link to boost your MPC token because the more MPC you have, the higher your usdt revenue.

When you have about 500 MPC tokens, your usdt will be adding at the rate of $0.1 per day, so the more your MPC, the higher your revenue would be and this MPC can be boosted when you refer users to the app. So it’s basically a referral crypto mining app; while this is not so new as many crypto mining apps reward people who are able to refer more friends and users with higher revenue, the legitimacy of metapop is the bone of contention here.

Metapop review – Is legit or scam?

Is Metapop legit or scam website? could be scam platform. There are some indications that show the platform is a waste of time or will eventually be a big waste of time to users.

Firstly, the url extension is usually used by scammers or people of questionable reputation. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the reasons platforms rate Metapop as a scam platform. It has a 30/100 rating on scam adviser with a terrible rating from users.

Secondly, Metapop launched 3 months ago and despite the huge number of users on their twitter handle, there’s been no clear evidence of payment from anyone. No one has confirmed that Metapop is paying or has paid him or her, instead you will find people complaining on their official Twitter handle about withdrawing weeks ago and not receiving the reward.

Thirdly, Metapop sometime in September claimed payments are done instantly but some days ago, they changed policy saying the reason for delayed payments is due to manual processing of payments. Some users even complained that they placed withdrawal at the beginning of this month and haven’t still received it till now.

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Fourthly, Metapop raised minimum withdrawal to $30 usdt which is often the last gasp of breath for scam platforms who just want to waste the time of users. I am sure you must have seen numerous copy-paste publications about Metapop on WhatsApp and telegram, pay them no mind. Most people sharing the platform as though they’ve withdrawn in the past are doing so for the sake of referrals.

Since it’s a referral based app, everyone wants to earn faster and place withdrawal whether the platform pays or not. If you’re reading this article because you want to confirm if it’s a waste of time, I’ll let you answer the question yourself but if you’re new and just want to know more about the site or know how to register regardless, keep reading.

How to Create Metapop Account

How to create an account on metapop app

Simply hop into Metapop website and register. They don’t need your name or phone number, all you have to enter is your email and then request for a code i.e. an OTP will be sent to your email, submit it on the website and confirm registration.

After which you download Metapop application. It’s available for both android and iOS. Then login with your email on the app and claim your initial Airdrop.

Click on your profile icon at the bottom, click on wallet icon at the top as shown in the screenshot below. You will see an option to complete kyc. Tap on it to see the requirements. Immediately you’re done with that, you will be granted full access to use the app.

To boost your earnings, copy your referral link or code and share to interested individuals and you will earn extra MPC tokens for each referral which ends up increasing your overall usdt mining or earning rate.

Minimum Withdrawal on Metapop

The minimum withdrawal as stated earlier is $30 usdt. This means you must earn up to $30 before you can place withdrawal and the worst is that, payment takes weeks or might not even come as no real person has flaunted payment proof on any social platform.

Few payment screenshots you will see show no correlation or evidence that they are from Metapop.

Metapop Red Flags

  • Spammy website extension. Websites using .world are often used for dubious reasons or scams.
  • No payment proof after 3-4 months of launch. All you see online are highly recycled screenshot from people who are desperate for referral.
  • Manual processing of payments. No serious platform manually processes payments to the extent that it takes almost a month to arrive.
  • Kyc takes a month or more to be approved. So even after you submitted kyc, it may not be approved for months.

Final Verdict on

From all indications and the facts presented in this Metapop review, there is no evidence or proof of the platform being legit. The only signs that are glaring enough are that Metapop is a scam platform that should be disregarded.

You may say it doesn’t involve investments or deposit, so no loss, what about your time? That’s all for this Metapop review! If you enjoyed the article, do well to share and join our telegram channel.

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