Metaverse Magna: Earn Upto 100 Dollars By Doing Simple Tasks

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Metaverse Magna referral program earnings

Do you know that you can earn $5 and upto 100 dollars by simply performing some tasks on MVM? Metaverse Magna is a platform that provides users with the opportunity to complete in simple activities and earn while doing so. Basically, it’s a space provided on telegram and discord that gamers can compete in certain games and earn crypto rewards whilst connecting with other gamers and games they love.

The most interesting aspect is that, numerous competitions are often set up on telegram and Discord for gamers to earn asides playing games. Being active on their social media handles means you can earn some reasonable income daily; which now brings us to the main point of writing this article.

You can also earn directly from MVM without having to play game or even stay active on discord or telegram, all you have to do is convince other gamers to register on Metaverse Magna and for every person you convince, you earn some cents.

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Without wasting much of your time, below is a breakdown of how the MVM referral program works. For me, that’s the easiest way to earn some passive income from the platform; you may have a different opinion though, I am not just a game person.

What Metaverse Magna Referral Program is All About

The referral program aims at rewarding users who convince others to join the platform and join their telegram and discord discussion platforms with some cents. If you are able to refer upto 10 people you get $5 in BUSD free of charge as long as your referrals are legit and no form of fraud is recorded. The reward continues that way, 20 referrals will fetch you $10 in BUSD. So your earning potential is just unlimited and it’s very interesting!

How to Earn $5 From Metaverse Magna Gaming Platform

Metaverse Magna referral earnings

First of all, you need to download Discord from Google Playstore   

Signing up on discord is very easy, just fill in your email address and fill the remaining details to get a discord account.

✅ Sign up on Metaverse Magna by Clicking HERE

The sign up process is very brief as long as you have telegram account and discord as already mentioned, you will be requested to enter your first and second name and then join the Official MVM telegram channel and discord discussion group. After which you will receive your own unique referral link via email and then start referring your friends and family to the platform.

You can also earn from staying active on discord and telegram discussion group of MVM! So your earning is not restricted to just referring people, it’s just a side income opportunity on the platform.

Payment is made in BUSD and the mail for active referrers to submit their wallet address often comes on the 15th and 30th, so you still have opportunity to earn some dollars now!

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