MetroOpinion Survey Review: Earn Upto $5 For Each Survey Completed

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MetroOpinion is a survey platform as the name implies that rewards users for completing surveys, sharing their opinions on various products on a daily basis. For sometime now, we’ve shared various survey platforms that most viewers have cashed out from and still doing so till date and since this is majorly a free money making site, you will be seeing more of this kind of survey platforms review and tips on how to make some money online by answering surveys.

In this MetroOpinion survey review, we are going to be finding out whether MetroOpinion is legit or scam, MetroOpinion login, whether users can actually earn up to $5 for each survey completed and much more. If you want to make money online by completing surveys and taking out some minutes of your time sharing opinion regarding products for a chance to earn money, then I would suggest you read this MetroOpinion survey review to the end.

About MetroOpinion Survey Platform

MetroOpinion is a survey website that is powered by Cint; a popular survey provider that is actually seen as an indicator of a survey platform’s legitimacy. On MetroOpinion survey, all users have to do is complete surveys for a chance to earn money, you are either invited to complete survey or you login to your dashboard to see the available surveys alongside the revenue to be earned when you complete the survey.

Is MetroOpinion Survey scam?

MetroOpinion Survey Review

MetroOpinion survey due to the high amount they often advertise, people usually cast the platform aside as a scam survey platform. But this is not the case as it has been proven that MetroOpinion surveys is actually legit and as such, when you complete the surveys given to you, receiving your payment is almost certain.

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So the question shouldn’t be whether MetroOpinion surveys is scam, it should be how to start earning on MetroOpinion surveys. We are going to touch that and more on this article.

African Countries Where MetroOpinion Survey Works


Algeria – Arabic

Algeria – French


Cameroon – English

Cameroon – French

Côte d’Ivoire

DR Congo

Egypt – Arabic

Egypt – English








Libya – English



Morocco – Arabic

Morocco – French






Sierra Leone

South Africa


Sudan – English



Tunisia – French




How to Start Earning Money On MetroOpinion Survey

Minimum withdrawal on MetroOpinion survey

MetroOpinion survey review can not be considered complete or even reasonable if steps to guide users who intend to start earning on the platform are not mentioned;

  1. To become a respondent on MetroOpinion survey, you need to sign up via the official website. Having seen the eligible countries in Africa where MetroOpinion works.
  2. The first step after clicking on the link would be to select your country from the list provided, after which you fill a short profile registration form. This is actually very brief and simple.
  3.  A verification email will be sent to the email you entered on the sign up page, click on the link forwarded to your mail to get your MetroOpinion survey account verified. Then you will be shown a login page.
  4.  Simply sign into your account and click on profile, you will see alot of profile surveys to fill. Now this is another source of headache, there are numerous questions to answer about yourself but no remuneration for it.

The profile surveys are common and necessary in most survey platforms because that’s what determines the possibility of you receiving more surveys or to know whether you match the profile of the people needed for a study. So fill your profile surveys and wait for paid surveys.

How to Know if MetroOpinion Survey is Available

MetroOpinion survey review, how to earn money on MetroOpinion

MetroOpinion often sends mail alerting users of the availability of a survey but if you don’t receive any mail for long, consider logging into your account to see if there is any survey available.

MetroOpinion Survey Login

To login to your MetroOpinion account, simply click on this link –, input your email and password and you will be redirected to your main account dashboard.

Minimum Withdrawal On MetroOpinion and How to Withdraw

It is dependent on the country you selected while creating an account but for Nigerians and most countries in Africa where PayPal placed restrictions on, you can only withdraw via gift cards and the minimum withdrawal is $10.

This may sound too high but it’s low considering that they actually churn out high paying surveys ranging between $1-5. So you can always get up to the minimum withdrawal on MetroOpinion survey if you take the platform seriously.

To withdraw, click on rewards and proceed to redeem your money via gift codes.

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