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Mindviewers: Earn 200 Naira And Upto 10,000 Naira Easily

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Are you aware that you can easily earn 200 to 10,000 Naira from Mindviewers platform? Mindviewers is a form of social medium that provides users the opportunity to share their opinions, refer others and also participate in paid tasks and earn some money.

Our main interest is how to earn some money from the Mindviewers platform, so I will pay less attention to what the platform is all about in order not to bore you with much details. Without further ado, below are some steps you have to follow to be able to earn 0.4 per person that views your post and registers afterwards.

How To Earn Money From Mindviewers Platform

First of all, you need to Click HERE and register on the platform with your Gmail. This will make your registration faster and easier.

After registering with your email address, you will be asked to fill your profile information, simply fill the accurate details ranging from your first name and second name to your date of birth, also endeavour to include your social media usernames in the column provided.

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Once you are done with the registration process, you will now be asked to follow UpTo 100 users to at least have people that will like and engage with your posts on the platform. Below the list of users to follow, you will see, ‘Follow All’ option, just click on it and automatically you will start following 20 friends, do it 5x and the 100 users will be complete.

After this stage, the next thing you should do is share a post on the platform.

How to post on Mindviewers

The reason why you must share an opinion is that, there is no unique referral code or link. You will have to copy link of the post and share it to friends on social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp and telegram and anyone that opens the link and also registers afterwards would be recorded as your referral.

That’s basically how to earn on the Mindviewers platform, get people to view the post you shared and when they register, you get N100, when they complete their profile settings upto 80%, you also receive additional 100 Naira, totalling N200 for one person.

How to Earn More And Withdraw From Mindviewers

To earn more money and even upto 10,000 naira from Mindviewers, you need to refer others. The more referrals, the more claps and the claps can either be converted to Airtime or Cash i.e withdrawable to bank account directly.

If you want to withdraw, simply click on your account avatar or image and select withdraw Clap earnings, below is a screenshot.

How to withdraw money from Mindviewers

Below are some withdrawal proof incase you are feeling skeptical about the whole thing.

Withdrawal proof of Mindviewers

Happy earning!

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