Mingle Survey Review: Earn $12 Amazon Gift Cards & Vouchers

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Mingle Survey review

Mingle is a survey company that bills itself as “The Opinion Platform for the UK and Europe” and it is the online branch of respondi AG, an establishment in the field of market research. Mingle has about 300,000 members or respondents in the whole or Europe and rewards it’s users with gift cards and shopping vouchers for answering surveys and testing some products.

This means that if you are in the UK, some products can be sent to you for testing and after testing and giving feedback, you get some mingle points and also get to keep the product. It is a very interesting survey and market research platform and the good news is that, people in third world countries or Nigeria to be precise can also participate in the surveys.

Requirements to Earn On Mingle Survey

  • A Virtual Private Network i.e. VPN that supports or connects to United Kingdom.
  • Download Windscribe VPN or any other VPN that offers free access to UK servers.
  • The postal code which you can enter SW1W 0NY while signing up.

How to Start Earning Amazon Gift Cards And Other Shopping Gift Cards From Mingle

1. Sign Up on Mingle Surveys Directly on Their Website via HERE

2. While signing up, enter this code as the postal code SW1W 0NY and fill other information correctly because the email would have to be verified for you to proceed.

3. When you are done signing up, a link will be sent to your email address to confirm your account registration. Click on the link to confirm your account and then immediately you get logged in, start answering the profile surveys.

It is necessary to answer or complete the profile surveys because that’s what will qualify you for future surveys. I believe you know about surveys and how these platforms work before clicking on the link to this post. You need patience in survey platforms like this but if you play your cards well, you should be able to cash out within 3 weeks.

Other Ways Of Getting Gift Cards On Mingle Surveys

Get Amazon gift cards and vouchers on Mingle Survey platform

There is another way of earning more money on Mingle Survey platform. If you want to earn faster, simply start referring friends and family members to Mingle.

According to the information on Mingle Survey, you get 150 points for every friend you refer as long as the referral is able to get 150 points from surveys. It’s an easy task considering the fact that surveys are regular as long as you are able to complete your profile information.

How to Withdraw From Mingle Survey Platform

Mingle surveys payment proof

Like I stated earlier, you get vouchers and gift cards from mingle survey after accumulating Upto 1,500 points. 1,500 points is equivalent to $12 Amazon gift card. Once you have Upto 1,500 points, click on rewards and redeem the Amazon gift card. Payment is instant!

Is Mingle Surveys Legit Or Fake?

Mingle Survey is completely legit and not fake. I have searched on verifiable sources and also have a friend who withdrew some days ago. So you just have to work hard or smart to get upto 1,500 points and then redeem your gift card.

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