Minimie Noodles Data Giveaway: How to Get Free 2gb Data On MTN

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Minimie Noodles data giveaway on MTN

Minimie Noodles Data Giveaway is an interesting promo put in place by minimie to reward all customers who purchase the noodles with free MTN data. If you are the type of person who loves eating noodles on a regular basis, you should try partaking in this promotion as it’s specifically targeted for noodle lovers.

In this post, we are going to be having a deeper look at how you too can get some free data on your MTN line courtesy of the minimie Noodles Data Giveaway. Before we get down to the main point of writing this piece, let’s first know the idea behind the data giveaway from minimie and how to participate.

What’s Minimie Data Giveaway Offer About?

As we all know, the BBN show is ongoing, people are spending alot to keep up with the show on a daily basis and in the bid to encourage customers in order not to miss the shows, Minimie announced the data giveaway offer whereby a free data coupon is attached in every sachet or pack of minimie Noodles.

This means that for every noodle pack you open, there is a high chance that free data coupon is inside waiting for you. According to the information on Minimie’s official Facebook page, customers can get as much as 2gb data coupon in the pack of every noodle they open or consume. If you are a noodle lover, this is a good chance to win some free data on your MTN line simply by following the instructions going to be laid down in this post;

How to Participate in the Minimie Noodles Data Giveaway Offer

Minimie free 2gb data offer

If you wish to partake in the offer, all you have to do is purchase either the carton of minimie Noodles or you buy the pack and as you open it, look out for the coupon code, it’s often like a recharge card.

When you find the card inside the pack, just scratch it open and dial *460*6# and then select redeem a coupon code and paste the code to get the free data. Personally, I have gotten some data coupons from the few minimie Noodles I’ve consumed in recent times and I think every noodle lover reading this piece could get more this period by consuming what you normally consume.

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That’s it for the minimie Noodles data giveaway for MTN users. You can also look out for more interesting contents on the blog and endeavour to share this blog post to people who may be interested in this data giveaway offer.

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