MMMKrypto Review – Is It Safe to Invest In MMMKrypto? Find Out

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MMMKrypto review

MMMKrypto is a new p2p scheme which claims to be a continuation of the previous, notorious Ponzi scheme owned by Sergei Mavrodi that caused many Nigerians to lose money ranging in billions in the year, 2017 & 18. Now they claim to have returned but users can only provide help and get help in cryptocurrency, so I decided to write this MMMKrypto review to inform people who care to listen the potential risks of investing funds in the platform.

In this MMMKrypto review, we will be finding out if this new version of the MMM Ponzi scheme is legit or scam and also have a look at some of the general operational rules or guidelines of MMMKrypto to better explain to users how it works fully. Without wasting time, let’s get down to the main purpose of writing this article.

About MMMKrypto

Is mmm back? MMMKrypto

MMMKrypto like the name implies is a Ponzi scheme that claims to be a continuation of the defunct MMM platform owned by Sergei Mavrodi. Recall that after the death of the Russian owner, the platform announced that it was closing down operation completely in order not to deviate from the original ideas of it’s founder.

But fast forward to 2023, they relaunched promising users up to 36% of whatever they provide in help to others on the platform. But then, there are some additional rules on MMMKrypto everyone should beware of before even signing up on the platform.

Not all users enjoy 36% return on investment in a month, the return on investment is dependent on the amount a user deposits. Below is the breakdown of MMMKrypto return on investment based on deposit amount.

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How MMMKrypto Provide Help Feature Works

1. The moment you make a pledge to provide a certain amount of help in crypto, you get matched to pay 10% of the order amount instantly. This is done to ensure a person complies with the remaining pledge when it’s time to pay.

2. Then after 6-8 days, the user will be matched again to pay 40% of the pledged amount making it 50% paid and finally within 15-20 days, the user will be matched to pay the last 50%.

This is the new operational rules of the platform but it also has some serious disadvantages especially for the depositors. We will talk about that later.

MMMKrypto Referral And Registration Bonuses

There are different levels of bonuses a user can get from MMMKrypto and they are as follows;

1. Testimonial bonus – make a video expressing your satisfaction with the system and how much you earned from the platform including your deposit amount and you will get 5% of your PH (Provide Help) as bonus.

2. Fast track Bonus – when you refer 5 new users to the platform within 96 hours after registration and encourage them to PH. Immediately they do so, you get 10% of their order amount.

3. Referral bonus – you earn 5% of whatever amount you referral deposits and it keeps coming as long as they keep providing help.

4. Guider Bonus – you earn from the first level up to the 50th level. This is one of the primary causes of MMM’s collapse in 2017 and they still came back with it.

MMMKrypto Review – Is MMMKrypto Legit Or Scam?

MMMKrypto is obviously a scam platform. It’s a Ponzi scheme and has always been a scam even in 2017 but due to the fact that people were actually getting paid daily, they failed to see the fraudulent nature of the platform till it crashed.

MMMKrypto will still crash when the number of people providing help is not able to satisfy or settle the number of withdrawals. There is no two ways about it. Ponzi schemes rob Peter to Paul and with the fact that, the number of turnup MMMKrypto will get would be much lower, it may not even pay for long.

So is MMMKrypto legit or scam? The answer is yes, MMMKrypto is a scam platform. A Ponzi scam.

Is It Safe to Invest On MMMKrypto?

No it isn’t safe to invest on the platform but if you spare money you wouldn’t mind gambling with, then you may go ahead and provide help.

It’s a p2p scheme, so your loss is someone else’s gain. who knows? You could just be running an indirect charity organisation without being aware.

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The testimonials and letters of appreciation on MMMKrypto websites are majorly from South Africa and they are most likely scam. A platform that launched some weeks ago having some number of letters, that’s a red flag. They are doing everything to encourage the gullible ones to sign up.

MMMKrypto Red Flags

1. It’s a Ponzi scheme that’s bound to crash.

2. The bonus plan for guiders is outrageous and has always been the major cause of MMM’s collapse but somehow, somewhat, it’s still same in the so called krypto version of the platform.

3. The fact that you get matched to pay a certain percentage of your PH amount instantly and within the first 8 days is a terrible red flag. It means literally every person would lose something in the current version of the platform because at every given time, a certain amount of your money will be in the system due to the initial matched orders.

4. MMMKrypto may not even be a continuation of the notorious MMM scheme. It could just be some random scammers trying to capitalize on the popularity of notoriety of MMM to scam unsuspecting or gullible individuals this time around.

What’s the summary of this MMMKrypto review? Steer clear of the platform, Ponzi schemes generally or any online money making scheme that promises to double or triple deposit amount without performing any task. It’s true that money is sweet but easy money doesn’t exist in all honesty.

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