MNR Review – Is Legit Or Scam?

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MNR free points

My Naija Reviews Application is a social messaging platform that also rewards users with points that can be redeemed as cash. It’s simply known as mnr for short and in this mnr review, we will be having a look at all there is to know about the platform, is legit or scam? You will find out in this article.

In this article as already mentioned, we will be having a look at a review of mnr, incase you’ve been invited to the app by someone and you just decided to confirm its legitimacy before registering, this article is certainly for you. If you are also looking for how to earn money on the mnr app, then this article is also for you because we will be touching on the major areas.

About Mnr (My Naija Reviews App)

Mnr is a social messaging app/website that gives users the opportunity to earn money when they share pictures, contents and engage with other people’s contents on the app. It is like every other social messaging app you know or have used/using, the only difference is, you stand a chance of earning points when you use the app and the points can be redeemed as cash on the platform.

How to Get Points in Mnr App

How to get more points on

There are various activities that can fetch a user points on MNR and they are as follows;

  • Adding new friends – when you add new friends on MNR, you get rewarded with 10 points for each friend added. There is a limit of about 20 friends that you can get rewarded for.
  • Posting contents on MNR app also gets you rewarded with points and even more when the post goes viral i.e. when people love, react, share and comment on your contents be it images, text etc. Viral contents mean more points to your balance and higher revenue for you.
  • Completing challenges also fetch users some points. There are numerous challenges to complete on MNR. As a matter of fact, the official handle of my Naija reviews puts up some challenges from time to time for users to complete in order to earn more points/money.
  • Referring new users also fetches you more points. Currently, new users get rewarded with 2,750 points which is equivalent to 500 naira when they refer their friends and family to the Mnr app. There is an additional detail worth mentioning, but we will talk about it later on.

Mnr review – Is Legit Or Scam?

MNR review - Scamadviser rating

Mnr application is legit. The app and website has been around for more than three years now with users getting paid some money for interacting and sharing on the social messaging app.

It’s not a new website, many people have withdrawn and still getting paid on a daily basis to use social media but there are some downsides or things I noticed while using the app.

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Firstly, Mnr app is very slow and annoying. If you don’t have strong network connection, don’t even register because you will also encounter issues using the app. The app lags very much and as such, it requires patience to use and even the website that is much faster, cannot access certain pages.

Secondly, Mnr earning rate is low for people who can’t refer. Unless you complete challenges and win most of them, earning reasonable money from Mnr may not be possible. Even the referral program has some downside which will be discussed later.

Besides these two factors, Mnr is legit, when you place withdrawal there is no doubt you’d be paid as I have seen withdrawal proofs from people long ago and no review on the internet suggests that the platform is not legit. The only complaints I have seen is, the low earning rate which is also understandable considering you don’t deposit or invest any money to earn on MNR and it’s something you do for free on other social media.

How to Create an Account On MNR (

To create an account, simply open Mnr official website, click on Create Account and fill your real details starting from first to last name and your real email address because all emails are verified.

When you’re done creating an account, you will be asked to complete account authentication which involves posting a picture and submitting your date of birth, real name as it is on your BVN and account details for payment. If you’re submitting account details, ensure you submit commercial bank account details linked to your BVN, while withdrawing, you can submit any online bank. The one submitted upon account creation is for verification.

You will be rewarded with 850 points when you’re done with the initial process. Then you can earn more by liking posts, adding new friends and posting new contents, ensure the pictures you post are interesting because the more viral your posts are, the higher your earnings.

What’s Mnr minimum withdrawal?

Mnr minimum withdrawal

The minimum withdrawal amount is 1200 points which is equivalent to 100 naira. To redeem your money, click on wallet using the mobile app and then on redemptions> redeem, then select the reward based on your available Mnr points and redeem.

The cash reward for 1200 points may seem very little but you can earn much more than that when you utilise the platform’s various features to the fullest and also refer if possible.

How MNR referral program works

The referral program is perhaps the most interesting aspect. You earn 2,750 points per referral within the first 3 days of registering an account. After the three days, your referral rewards will be dropped to 750 points.

If you have family and friends who may be interested in registering on MNR and being active, then you can refer them to earn 500 naira per referral but you only get credited the bonus when your referral makes his or her first redemption. This policy is to check fake accounts and prevent people from engaging in fraudulent activities just to earn the bonus.

Referral bonuses are credited to the referrer within 5 days after his or her downlines makes first redemption. After registering, your referral link and details will be sent to your registered email. Copy the link and share to interested individuals.

You also get spins when your referrals complete authentication. This is another very fast way of acquiring points and coins because you can get from 2 coins to 1k points from each spin and 1 coin is equivalent to 115 points. It’s highly rewarding for referrers.

That’s all you should know about Mnr! If you enjoyed this Mnr review, feel free to join our telegram channel for more online money making reviews and freebies. Thanks.

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