MTN Momo: How to Earn Upto 5k On Your Sim

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Momo Referral Promo is a reward scheme where, users can earn up to 5000 naira cash bonus or even more when they spread the good news of momo!

Momo is an abridged version of mobile money and it is a payment service bank set up by MTN to cater for the financial needs of users in Nigeria and many other countries they operate. Momo is relatively popular amongst most of my viewers since they’d launched a free 100 naira promo in the past that most of us benefited from and even tried to accumulate via our other MTN sims but this campaign is different from the previous one.

In this article, we are going to have a look at MTN Momo Referral program and how you can utilize it to earn up to 5k in both airtime or cash depending on what you want it to be. Momo is an online bank like many other payment service banks you’ve probably used or banked with, the only difference is that, you get to access the banking services via USSD. With that being said, let’s get into the purpose of writing this article which is to discuss momo referral program or bonus for those who are interested.

If you have read this far, I would assume you are truly interested in knowing more about this free offer from MTN. So sit tight, grab your popcorn and get the tips.

How to Create An MTN Momo Account

MTN momo referral program

If this is your first time of hearing about momo or even reading about it, then the first step should be creating an account.

To create an MTN Momo Account, simply pick up your device, go to the dialer and dial *671# and create an account. This is very easy as a matter of fact, you may also be rewarded with 100 naira for doing so. Wait, don’t say I misled you; I am not really sure they are still giving the bonus.

But as soon as you are done creating the momo account, the next step would be to start referring your friends and loved ones to momo.

There is nothing too special or difficult/ complicated about it, all it takes is ability to follow simple instructions.

How to Get Upto 5k On MTN Momo Referral Promo

How to get free money on momo referral

After you are done with the registration, your phone number with the exclusion of 0 will become your account number.

Momo PSB is fully registered and recognized by most banks. So sending money to your momo PSB account wouldn’t be an issue.

If you want to refer, dial *671*6*friends number# this is what you are supposed to dial with the number of all your friends who wish to join momo and as soon as they open an account which takes less than 2 mins, you will be given 500 naira bonus.

Wait! I think I missed a very important requirement, you get 500 naira as soon as they register and perform a transaction of 100 naira. What this means is that, you can only get the bonus when this person you referred funds his or her wallet with at least 100 naira and uses it to buy airtime or data.

The reason why Momo put this requirement I think is to prove that the people you referred are actually interested in the program and not just coerced into accepting for the sole purpose of you as the referrer receiving the free 500 naira.

How to Fund Your Momo Wallet With 100 Naira

Like I said, this is very easy and straightforward. Just take your phone number without the initial 0 as your account number.

Now let’s assume you want to fund my momo PSB wallet, what you need is just my number 7062200896 and the name of the bank which is momo PSB. Go to any Fintech app and send at least 100 naira to the account in order for you to qualify for the bonus.

My Take On Getting Free Money From Momo PSB Referral Promo

You have to be tactical If you want to earn from this. It’s either you have many registered MTN sims or You’ve many friends using MTN.

I know how difficult it is to refer people so to make the process easy, simply take your the phone of the people you’ve invited using the code above and open the momo PSB, then fund their wallets with the 100 naira, use the 100 naira to buy airtime to your MTN line preferably.

Reason is, you can easily sell MTN Airtime at good rates unlike other networks. After you have created the account and used your own money to fund their wallets, send the airtime to your line and you will be given the free referral bonus.

Continue or repeat this process with all your referrals and then later on, sell the airtime purchased to either a vendor or one of the airtime to cash apps.

The maximum number of referrals for each MTN line is 10 meaning, you can only earn 5k on one line.

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