Monieflow Review: Is Legit? (Truthful Analysis)

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Monieflow review is an online earning website where users get to earn some money when they complete tasks such as sharing sponsored posts and watching ads to earn money. If you are the type of person who is interested in earning passively from the Internet, then I would advise you read this monieflow review to the end as we go over various areas about the website to know if it’s safe or not.

In this monieflow review, we will be exploring the few ways of earning money on, the limitations and also answering the very important question, is legit or scam? This question will be answered based on observation after signing up and paying money to use the site. Without wasting more of your time, let’s dive straight into what we are here for.

About Monieflow

Monieflow like I said earlier, is an online task earning website where users get to earn money when they complete tasks such as sharing sponsored ads and participating in paid tasks that are updated on a daily basis as well as referring new users to the platform. according to my checks on Whois, was created on the 31st of January, 2024 with a domain expiry period of 1 year. What this means is that, the platform hasn’t been around for up to a month yet but it’s not been around for too long, so it’s still doable if confirmed to be legit. But that will be later talk.

Ways of Earning Money On Monieflow

  • Daily login bonus of 50 naira
  • Sharing sponsored posts to your social media handle especially Facebook. This is a good way to start earning on the platform but it has its own downsides, your social media acct may be filled up with sponsored posts about Monieflow in the long run.
  • Spin and win promo is also available on monieflow. You can earn up to 200 from just spinning on a daily basis. As a new user, you are eligible for just one spin in a day.
  • Referring new users to the platform is a great way to earn some extra funds or revenue from the website. You get to earn 250 per referral introduced to the platform as long as your referrals registers and starts completing the paid tasks, you qualify for your referral bonus.

Monieflow Sign Up Process

How to register on monieflow

Having read some of the general details about Monieflow, if you are interested, the next step would be to sign up or create an account. To do that, click on Monieflow Website and fill the sign up form.

After filling the form, you will need to buy a coupon code from one of the listed vendors. Then click on login, enter your username and password and you will be logged into the main dashboard to start completing tasks and earning money. You will be given free 150 naira plus 50 naira extra upon first sign in for welcome and login bonus.

Then click on the three lines at the top left corner, select sponsored posts and share the available post for the day to get extra 100 naira.

You can also click on spin and win to stand a chance of winning from 0-200 naira for the day as well. There is an option to repeat the spin and win every day, so it’s a good opportunity to earn extra money from monieflow.

How to Withdraw Money From Monieflow

How to withdraw from monieflow

To withdraw money, simply scroll down while on your homepage, you will see the option to withdraw. According to the information on the page, you can only withdraw when you’ve earned up to 3,000 naira and above i.e. if you’re not a referral account or you just want to withdtaw activity earnings.

On the other hand, users who wish to withdraw only referral bonuses have a minimum withdrawal of just 1,000 naira. While this may seem suitable or appealing to users who refer, it’s actually a red flag I will be explaining later on.

Monieflow Review – Is Legit Or Scam?

Now it boils down to the main essence of writing this monieflow review. The answer to the big question is, yes, but the platform is not really advisable of you have no plans to refer new users.

Why? you may be wondering. The truth is that, there are more red flags than green, as a matter of fact, I don’t see any green flag about Monieflow.

There is clear priority for referrers even to the minimum withdrawal and this is dangerous because it will make the platform basically a refer and earn website when everyone is scratching to refer others not because of how seemingly good the platform is but due to the fact that they want to get back their deposited funds.

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Secondly, Monieflow involves buying coupon. Websites that often have vendors who sell coupon are scam platforms. They might pay for sometime but one thing is sure, they will crash after sometime or cease to pay.

Thirdly, the higher minimum withdrawal for activity earners is a major red flag for anyone who would be interested in just earning via activities. Firstly because, you can only earn 100-200 naira per day from tasks and the minimum withdrawal is 3,000 naira, for how long would you complete tasks to hit this withdrawal amount? The question begs an answer, only the administrators can answer.


The truth is that Monieflow is not really advisable for people who can’t refer others. But if you can refer active users, then you can give it a shot with your spare money and if after reading the points on this monieflow review, you feel it’s something you can do regardless, ensure you’re taking the risk with your spare money.

Thanks for reading, do well to share this monieflow review to friends who may be interested in joining the platform. Join our telegram channel and WhatsApp group for more interesting money making updates and reviews.

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