How to Win 2,000 Naira & Upto 2M From Moniepoint BBN Games

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The Moniepoint BBN games are fun activities you can participate in when you transact often with your Moniepoint personal wallet daily. Moniepoint recently launched a point reward system that gives users free 100 points when they complete some transactions using the app and the points can be used to play the BBN games.

In this article, we will be having a look at the important details you need to know about Moniepoint BBN games and how to win 2,000 naira and even up to 2 Million naira when you play with the points accumulated.

Features of Moniepoint Personal App

Features of Moniepoint Personal

  1. Send and Receive Money with Ease: With Moniepoint, you can effortlessly send and receive money instantly. Say goodbye to the hassles of traditional banking and enjoy instant and secure transfers at your fingertips. No queues, no paperworks, instant alert notification.
  2.  Moniepoint Debit Cards: Want a physical or virtual card you can use for online and offline transactions? Then experience convenience like never before with a Moniepoint Debit card. Request a Moniepoint card today and get it delivered to your doorstep within 48 hours. No need to visit the bank.
  3.  Resolve Disputes Seamlessly: We understand that disputes can arise unexpectedly. That’s why Moniepoint offers a unique feature that allows you to raise and settle disputes directly from the app. Our dedicated team is here to ensure that your concerns are addressed promptly, giving you peace of mind.
  4. Effortless Utility Bill Payments: Tired of the usual bill payment process? Moniepoint makes it easy to settle your utility bills. From electricity bill to internet bill payment, you can make payment faster, easier and securely.
  5. Secure Mobile Banking Experience: Safeguarding your financial data is paramount to us. Moniepoint employs state-of-the-art security measures to protect your information. Your personal and financial data are encrypted and stored securely, ensuring you enjoy banking with peace of mind.

About Moniepoint BBN Games

As we all know, the BBN all stars show is currently going on and in the bid to encourage users to transact more often, Moniepoint launched cash games for active users to play and stand a chance of winning the grand prize of 2 Million naira!

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There are certain transactions you have to complete in order to get free points on Moniepoint personal wallet. The more you complete the transactions, the more points you accumulate which means the higher your chances of winning some cash for yourself.

Below are the list of transactions that will enable you get points on Moniepoint; 

How to accumulate Moniepoint personal wallet coins

1. Funding your wallet with up to 1,500 naira and above.

2. Purchasing airtime or data subscription of atleast 100 naira on the Moniepoint personal wallet.

3. Fund transfer or sending money to others whether intra transfers or external transfers will fetch you some points.

You will be given free 100 coins which would enable you play the games available on Moniepoint.

How to Create A Moniepoint Personal Wallet

Firstly, download the app via play store or app store.

After downloading, create an account and complete kyc with your bvn and any means of identification i.e. if you want to be doing major transactions on the app.

When you are done, you will get a personal account number, transfer up to 1500 or 1,000 naira to your Moniepoint personal wallet account and then start transacting.

You can buy airtime or do transfers to earn 100 coins.

How to play the Moniepoint BBN games With Your Points

Moniepoint bbn games

The game slider is on your dashboard, once you log in, you will see the slider. Click on play now and start playing.

According to the information on Moniepoint, the games vary from week to week, but the game available today has to do with unveiling a coin after shuffling and if you are lucky, the coin you unveiled is 2,000 naira cash, then your account will be instantly credited.

But if it’s the grand prize, then you will also be credited with the amount. So just keep transacting and playing with the coins. No extra amount needed, it’s free and interesting but purely based on luck.

How to Accumulate Unlimited Coins on Moniepoint

Moniepoint bbn games free 2,000 naira

There is way to accumulate Unlimited points without spending a dime. But I can’t post it here, check our telegram channel for the video guide.

Follow the steps in the video to accumulate alot of coins which will enable you play for as long as possible in order to win one of the cash prizes.

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