MTN Always ON: Buy 200mb For 60 Naira, 450mb For 120 Naira & More

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MTN Always ON Data Plans 2022

Some months ago, MTN introduced the Always ON data plans that offers amazing data offers like 200mb for 60 Naira and many others for just little money. With the MTN always ON data plans, you can subscribe with as little as 60 Naira and receive a whopping 200mb to surf and download digital contents online.

The MTN Always ON data plans were introduced months after Airtel introduced theirs with same vision and aim of keeping users online Unlimitedly for complete 30 days without complaints that their data plan finished before the stated expiry date. So, in this article, we are going to examine some important facts about the MTN Always ON data plans and how you can rock 200mb for just 60 Naira Airtime! Amazing and mind-blowing data offers that you can’t easily scroll past.

How To Activate MTN Always ON Data Plans (200mb for 60 Naira, 400mb for 120 Naira and Much More)

Always ON data bundle list

First of all, you just have to pick up your Android, mobile or tablet device and dial *131*1*5# or you can just dial *131*1# and then enter 5 which is the Always ON data bundles to get the available offers. Currently MTN offers the following data bundles on the Always ON package;

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1. 200mb for 60 Naira Valid for 24 hours – you will be given 50mb to surf for the whole day anytime and 150mb only at night 11pm – 6am.

2. 450mb for 120 Naira Valid for 7 days – 120mb can be used at anytime during the day while the remaining 330mb can only be used at night 11pm to 6am.

3. 15gb for 3,000 Naira valid for complete 30 days but you won’t be given the full data in one day, MTN will credit you with 500mb daily for 30 days. So you have to be careful with your Internet activities.

4. 45gb for 6,000 Naira valid for 30 days. This is for heavy data users because you will be credited with 1.5gb daily for complete 30 days. So you will literally be online for as long as the data lasts.

That’s it for the MTN Always ON Data Bundles. I don’t think data has ever been cheaper than MTN has made it in recent years. Thanks, share to others using the share buttons.

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