MTN Children’s Day Treasure Hunt: Win N10,000 Voucher

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MTN Children’s Day Treasure Hunt is a promo offer from the network to subscribers on the mpulse network on the 27th of May, 2023. This giveaway is not new as MTN conducts something similar on a yearly basis around this same time but this time around, I want my viewers to also benefit from it as much as possible.

According to the information on the mpulse official page, the MTN will be giving away up to 5 million naira worth of shopping vouchers to 500 children on the network tomorrow being 27th. In this article, we are going to have a look at how you can win at least 10,000 naira voucher in the promo that is going to be unveiled tomorrow. There are a few things to know before the giveaway commences and we will be touching on all areas in this piece to get you ready for the children’s day giveaway.

Requirements for the MTN Children’s Day Treasure Hunt

MTN Children's Day Treasure Hunt

1. An MTN sim on the mpulse tariff plan. Recall that the mpulse tariff plan is a plan meant for children who are still under the guidance of their parents and all the freebies on the tariff plan are often meant for kids.

2. For you to participate in the MTN Children’s Day 5 million naira giveaway therefore, you need to be on the mpulse plan. To migrate simply dial *344*1# or *344# and then select join mpulse.

3. If you have not done any previous migrations this month, you won’t be charged but bear in mind that any bonus you had in your precious tariff plan or enjoyed in your current plan will be wiped off the moment you join mpulse.

How to Participate In The MTN Children’s Day Treasure Hunt Giveaway

MTN Children's Day Treasure Hunt

1. After migrating to the plan, on the said date i.e. 27th, logon to and click on “Mpulse Children’s Day Treasure Hunt” to see the details of the competition and participate.

2. You will be required to input six of the 50 general children quotes that end with the individual letters m-p-u-l-s-e in the correct order, then agree to the Terms and conditions and submit.

3. Before attempting the quiz, you must be logged into the mpulse website tomorrow. You can only submit an answers once.

When you are done submitting the answers, the first 500 students who input the 6 quotes with mpulse letters in the correct order will get the mpulse winner badge and receive the 10,000 naira voucher.

How to Know If You’ve Won The MTN Children’s Day Voucher?

All winners will be notified via SMS immediately after submitting answers. Winners will be announced on Mpulse website as well as contacted via email and phone number they provided during registration on Mpulse website.

The vouchers will be sent to all lines who successfully participated before the 31st of May, 2023! So make sure you get ready for the children’s day treasure hunt by migrating to mpulse and getting yourself prepared to win vouchers!

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