MTN Daily 150mb Free Browsing Using Ha Tunnel For April

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Here comes the new MTN daily 150mb free browsing using ha tunnel for April 2023. In this age and time, one can question the importance of having access to the internet all the time due to the myriad of opportunities that exist on the internet and the fact that one can find literally everything ranging from entertainment to business online in today’s world.

So in this article, we are going to have a look at how to activate the new MTN daily 150mb free browsing cheat via ha tunnel vpn. Ha tunnel is one of the popular virtual private network that we often use to enjoy free browsing and I have shared a couple of articles and cheats that have to do with this VPN. That aside, let’s get down to how to enjoy daily free browsing to the tune of 150mb using the VPN on your MTN line. Before we get down to the main purpose of writing this, let’s have a look at the requirements.

Requirements For the MTN daily free browsing for April 2023!

Good news is that the free MTN 150mb browsing also works alongside the 200mb daily free browsing that was posted here some weeks ago.

  1. A Smart phone i.e. an android phone.
  2. MTN sim with 0.0kobo data balance preferably.
  3. Ha tunnel vpn which can be downloaded on Google play store or from this article.
  4. The configuration files needed to activate the MTN free browsing. Since it’s a 150mb free browsing, you have to download two files, one is capped at 100mb and the second one is capped at 50mb per day.
  5. Ability to read and understand.

How to Download Ha Tunnel VPN and Import MTN 150mb Free Browsing Config

How to import Ha tunnel config for MTN daily 150mb free browsing cheat

You can download Ha tunnel Plus VPN directly from play store by searching for it or you can download when you click on this link.

It will take you to play store, install ha tunnel and then prepare download the free browsing configuration files from the links below;

When you are done downloading the configuration files, open ha tunnel and click on the three dots at the top right corner, click on import/export > select import config and then head to the directory where the files were stored and click on the one you intend to import. It will be automatically imported and you will be free to start browsing for free using MTN sim.

How to Enjoy MTN Daily 150mb Free Browsing Via Ha Tunnel VPN

After using the config file capped at 100mb, the next move would be to download the second config file and follow the same steps to import and start connection.

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This is what you are meant to repeat every single day including the previous files attached in our previous post on MTN free Browsing capped at 100mb each to keep browsing for free daily. For me, the only stress that comes with using the free browsing is the importing of config files constantly but it’s worth it since you don’t have to pay a dime to browse for free. It will be highly beneficial considering our economy.

That’s all you need to know about the latest MTN  daily 150mb free browsing using ha tunnel for April 2023! We are hopeful that new free browsing offers will show up, so endeavour to be part of the fam by joining our telegram channel and group so you wouldn’t be left out when the unlimited browsing or more interesting offers show up. Thanks!

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