MTN Data Referral: Get Free Data Bonus When Friends Subscribe

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MTN Data Referral Service

MTN data referral is a service designed to reward subscribers who refer or encourage their friends and family members to start subscribing or using the numerous MTN data plans. Sometimes people go away or stop using their lines for data activity due to one reason or the other, and it is for this reason that the data referral Service was introduced.

Funny enough, the MTN data referral Service is one incentive program set up by MTN that is not as popular as other offers by the network regardless of the fact that it is very interesting. Many people don’t know they can receive data Bonuses simply by referring their friends and family members to continue their data purchases on the network. Without wasting much time, let dive into the full information about MTN data referral Service and how to get free data bonus from the service.

About MTN Data Referral Service

MTN data referral Service allows you send invitations to MTN customers who have not conducted any data or internet activities on their lines for a period of 30-365 days to buy data bundle. When they purchase the data plan, you get 10% of the data bundle activated by the person.

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The interesting aspect is that the person you referred will also receive additional 50% bonus for any plan he or she activates after being referred by you. So it’s literally a win-win for all the parties involved and as such, it’s something every MTN user should know about and how to do it because it’s an opportunity for you to receive some free data bonus on a daily basis.

How to Use MTN Data Referral Service

If you are sure that a friend or relative has not used his or her MTN sim for data activity for over 30 days, then such a person us qualified to be referred.

Simply pick up your phone, open the dial pad and enter *131*1*phone number#. The moment you dial, a message will be sent to the person informing him of her of your referral and the bonus that awaits. If the person agrees and purchases the data bundle, you receive 10% of the purchased data and he or she received 50% extra data bonus.

It’s a win-win for everyone like I said and to further clear more doubts, let’s have a look at some of the frequently asked questions on MTN Data Referral Service.

Frequently Asked Questions On MTN Data Referral Service

1. Who can participate in the data referral Service?

  • All MTN users can refer other subscribers that have not purchased any data bundle within the past 30 days and above.

2. What is Data Referral?

  • Data referral is a service that allows you as a customer send invites to MTN customers who have not performed any internet activities on their lines within 30-365 days to buy a data bundle. You will enjoy 10% of the data purchased by your referral and the person will enjoy 50% extra data bonus.

3. How Can I Refer My Friends for MTN Data Referral?

  • You can refer friends by dialing *131*1*phone number#

4. How many phone numbers can I refer for MTN data referral?

  • You can refer up to 10 MTN lines per day as long as they have not purchased data bundles in the past 30 days or more. If any of the numbers have done any data activity, you will get an error response.

5. Will I Get 10% from every Data Purchased By The Person?

  • The answer is no! You can only enjoy 10% of the first data bundle purchased by the subscriber after invitation.

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