MTN Perfect 10 Trivia: Answer 10 Questions & Win 100k

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MTN perfect 10 Trivia is an educational yet rewarding programme put in place by the network to reward intelligent subscribers with 100k and as much as 5 million as a grand prize for people who consistently complete the questions and accumulate enough points. The perfect 10 Trivia sounds really simple from the outside but to be honest, it takes some smartness and versatility in history, sports and many other subjects to be able to complete the questions.

In this article Gistrealz will be showing you how to participate in the MTN perfect 10 Trivia to be able to secure 100k instantly upon completion of the questions. But before we get down, let’s have a more detailed look at what MTN perfect 10 Trivia is all about including how to subscribe for the service and the charge; so you can be prepared for what you are about to sign up for.

About MTN Perfect 10 Trivia

About MTN perfect 10 Trivia

MTN perfect 10 Trivia as the name implies is a educational programme put in place by the network to reward subscribers who successfully complete or answer 10 questions correctly. The subscriber will be instantly rewarded with 100,000 naira and would also stand a chance to receive 5 million in the raffle draw.

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The major questions that reappear on most occasions centers around history, sports and the global happenings. It takes some level of perfection to completely dismantle the MTN perfect 10 questions. Wooo! That’s some word play there. 😂

How to Subscribe For MTN Perfect 10

MTN perfect 10 trivia subscription

First of all, the MTN perfect 10 has a subscription charge of 30 naira. This means that for you to be able to participate, you must have the charge otherwise the subscription will fail and also it’s a daily thing. With that being said, below is a step by step procedure on how to subscribe for the perfect 10 Trivia;

There are two ways to activate the perfect 10 trivia subscription, but the easiest is through the website. Simply logon to MTN website and enter your phone number, an otp will be sent to your line, enter this otp and then you will be shown an option to activate the perfect 10 service.

Immediately you click on it, you will be asked to enter your phone number again, this time around a 4 digit code will be sent to your line, enter the code and then wait for some seconds. A link to participate in the trivia will be sent to your line. Click on the link and then start the perfect 10 trivia. Each questions takes a few seconds, thus there is no room for malpractice you must be ready and prepared for it to win.

How to Win 100k on MTN Perfect 10

Successful subscription of MTN perfect 10 Trivia

Like I said, you would need to complete the 10 trivia questions correctly within the stipulated time to win the prize. It’s a tough deal I must say but you must try because what you stand to gain is much more than what you stand to lose.

You can always resubscribe but each subscription to the trivia will cost you 30 naira and another chance to play the game. I have played a couple of times and sadly, I wasn’t able to win but I’ve gathered some resources that could help you if you eventually stumble upon this article.

Perfect 10 Past Questions From My Own Attempt

MTN perfect 10 past questions and answers

These are some of the past questions! To be successful in something like this, you need to be ready to risk alot of things including the airtime you’re using to subscribe. Each time you complete the trivia, make sure you screenshot the questions and tackle them later so if there’s a repetition, you would score well enough to win the prize.

I was so close to winning the 100k from the perfect 10 trivia but some questions made me to fail. Had it been I’m well versed in sports, perhaps I would have won the free 100k!


The MTN perfect 10 trivia is one of it’s kind. Even though it pretty difficult to win the prize as most attempt always end up at very close, nearly but we all know that nearly cannot kill a bird. I believe someone who is well versed in global history as we all as sports history would be able to answer the questions correctly and win the prize money.

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