MTN Y’ello Spin And Win: Free Data, Airtime & Cash Up For Grabs

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MTN Y'ello Spin and win free cash

MTN Y’ello Spin and Win is a campaign that’s been on for sometime on the mobile app but it seems to have gotten more attention in recent times. It’s a campaign aimed at rewarding customers with several prizes such as free data, airtime, smartphone etc when they spin the wheel on a daily basis with the purchased spins.

The promo is being sponsored by 70th precint and as such the rights to either revoke or stop the promotion is left for them not MTN. As a subscriber using the MyMTN app, you are automatically eligible to participate in the Y’ello Spin and win. In this article, we will be having a look at how to participate in the promo as well as every other information about the spin and win and how to accumulate free spins. Without wasting much time, let’s get down to the full details proper.

About MTN Y’ello Spin and Win

About MTN Y'ello Spin and Win

The Y’ello Spin and win campaign is aimed at randomly rewarding subscribers with free data, airtime, money and gadgets for spinning the wheel on the MTN self care app daily. But it involves subscription on the part of the customer, as you have to pay with your airtime to buy spins.

Below is a screenshot of the amount you have to pay in order to buy the spins on the app;

MTN Y'ello Spin and Win

  • 50 Naira airtime – 1 Spin
  • 100 naira airtime – 4 spins
  • 150 naira airtime – 7 spins
  • 200 naira airtime – 10 spins

The more spins you have, the higher your chances of winning one of the amazing prizes, so I believe you know what it means.

How to Access Y’ello Spin and Win On MyMTN App

Launch the MTN self care app and login to your line, then scroll down to the options, you will see the “Y’ello Spin and win”. 

Click on it and you will be redirected to the campaign page to spin and also an option to purchase spins. Like I said, you have to use airtime to buy the spins. So you can proceed to purchase spins based on the amount left in your balance.

After subscribing, you will be shown the time for next spin, simply be online at the time to try your luck.

Prizes to Be Won On MTN Y’ello Spin and Win

Prizes to be won from MyMTN Y'ello Spin and Win

  1. Free Data Bundle which will be instantly credited to the line used to access the spin and win campaign page.
  2. Free Airtime which will also be instantly sent to your line if you win.
  3. Cash prizes up to N50,000 naira which will be paid to you.
  4. Smartphones

The airtime and data if won will be instantly credited to your line, so there is need for you to only open the campaign page with your data connection and not when you’re on a hotspot to avoid your prize being credited to the line providing you internet connectivity

How to Get Free Spins On MTN Y’ello Spin and Win

How to get free spins on MyMTN app

It seems the spin and win subscription is sim selective, so you may see an error that you have been blocked from chargeable services when you try to purchase spins, but there is a way to bypass the error and even accumulate spins for free.

Simply download Opera Mini Browser with Ai from Play store.

Head back to the MyMTN app, click on the Y’ello Spin campaign page, then turn off your data connection, as your data connection is off, try to subscribe. An error will be shown to you that you can’t access the page with a link, copy the link showing. The link is usually bolder than other text on the error page.

Go to Opera With AI and paste the link, turn on your data, the spin and win purchase page will load on the opera browser, proceed to subscribe and after submitting, you will still get the sms that you’re banned from all chargeable services, ignore and redirect, the spins will still be added to your account.

The good thing is that, you wouldn’t be charged and it can be repeated severally. So accumulate alot of spins and wait for the time to use them. Spins are valid for a day, usually expires by 11:59pm.

When is Y’ello Spin and Win Ending?

According to the information on the campaign page, the promo is ending on the 29th of June, 2024. It’s been on for nearly a year having started on the 29th of January, 2023 but of recent, it gained more attention.

That’s all for the MTN Y’ello Spin and win promo! Happy spinning!

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