MTN ZiGi Bot: Here Is How You Can Accumulate Data

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MTN ZiGi bot data accumulation

ZiGi Bot is a personal assistant set up by MTN to help customers address some minor issues without having to contact customer service every now and then. But the good thing about ZiGi personal bot is that, as an MTN customer, you can also accumulate unlimited data when you participate in the zoom trivia put in place by MTN.

Some days ago, I posted an article on how to get free 1GB data from answering 5 questions while chatting with ZiGi bot and even included the past questions of which many viewers enjoyed. Now I have come with a trick or rather tactics on how to accumulate unlimited data by answering the questions on the zoom trivia. If you follow the instructions on this blog post, you’d be able to accumulate even upto 10gb that will be sent to you when MTN starts disbursing the data.

How To Accumulate Unlimited Data By Answering Questions On ZiGi Zoom Trivia

First of all, you have to log on to ZiGi official homepage by clicking – HERE, the web is most preferable and easy if you wish to accumulate as much data as possible.

MTN ZiGi bot

Secondly, you click on the usual chat icon at right footer section and then here is how the main trick works, when entering your MTN number, space it in different ways for instance; instead of entering 07062200896, enter 070 6622 00 896 so that ZiGi bot won’t recognize you as someone who has participated in the trivia before. Below is a screenshot>

MTN ZiGi bot free data

After answering the questions and winning the free 1GB, you can participate tomorrow and even in the coming days as much as you want. All you have to do is space the number differently as usual. Instead of 07062200896 enter 0 70 62200 896, it’s a bot, you can bypass it on a daily basis to accumulate as much data as you want and then prepare your phone for the data bomb coming afterwards.

That’s how to accumulate unlimited data on MTN ZiGi bot. Don’t dull yourself, start accumulating immediately. The data often arrives after a week or two, so the more you accumulate the better for you and higher your chances of being surprised with something hoooge!

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