Mulahub Review: Is Legit Or Scam?

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Mulahub review

Mulahub is an online earning website that claims users can earn money when they view adverts, click on ads and read the writeups published on the website. There are various ways of earning on mulahub according to the administrators, you also earn via referring new users to the platform. But as is now tradition, we will be having a look at mulahub review to help inform those who may want to try out the website.

In this mulahub review, our primary focus is to have a look at the various ways of earning on mulahub, the green flags, the red flags and finally, answer the very important question which is whether is legit or scam. Without wasting much of your time with long text, let’s get started right away.

About Mulahub

Mulahub is an earning website built for African countries such as Nigeria, Ghana etc but from the url, one can easily deduce that the website was built specifically for Nigerians and the various ways of earning surprisingly prove this as a fact.

Mulahub was launched sometime in the early parts of February which means the website is very new and from the interface it’s clear that, we’ve seen such website before. If you’re observant, you will notice that they share numerous similarities with alertfree, you can check out our review of alertfree too.

How to Earn Money On Mulahub

How to earn money on mulahub

There are various tasks that can fetch one money on mulahub and they are as follows;

  • Daily sign in bonus
  • Watching ads
  • Clicking adverts
  • Reading texts to earn
  • Referring new users to the platform and climbing the leaderboard – the highest on the leaderboard will be rewarded with 20gb including the earnings gotten from each referral which is 350 naira.

Mulahub Sign Up Process

To start earning on, the first step would be to create an account.

After creating an account, you will have to login using your username and the password set while registering. Then you will be logged into the main dashboard with a start up bonus of 2,000 naira with an opportunity to boost the money to the minimum withdrawal.

Like I stated in the early parts of this mulahub review, you can earn by viewing adverts on the website and for every ad viewed, you earn 50 cash points or naira and there are a couple of ads available on the website to view.

You can also resort to referring people to mulahub, the referral bonus is 350 naira as claimed with free data bonus to be credited to users who top the list on a weekly basis.

How to Place Withdrawal On Mulahub

How to withdraw from

Once you’ve earned the minimum amount which is 20,000 naira, you can now place withdrawal. To do that, click on cash out showing on your dashboard and fill your account details and amount.

There is an option to redeem data for people who are interested but the minimum amount is also very high. So you have to make your choice based on your preferences.

Mulahub Review – Is Legit?

Now to the big question, is mulahub legit or scam? This is literally the essence of this whole mulahub review and without answering the question or giving valid points to back it up, the whole point of the text would be voided.

Mulahub is not legit. There is no evidence that the platform will actually pay users for the time spent on completing or performing tasks daily. On a normal day, I could just throw this as an answer to readers and potential participants without giving my reasons since I’ve had profound experience with such websites but to make my review more credible, I will buttress it with various signals starting from the red flags of mulahub.

Red Flags

  • High minimum withdrawal – mulahub claims users have to earn up to 20,000 naira before they can place withdrawal. For users in Ghana(₵20,000) and Cameroon (F20,000). This is very high and unattainable for most users and if you read my alertfree review, you’d know why I regard this a major con.
  • Mulahub has specific paydates. This is a well known sign or indication that a website is not legit. They claim users get paid on the 5th and 21st of February, this is usually the trick by website owners to make users view ads unlimitedly only for them not to be paid when it’s time.
  • They launched some days ago and already have a payment proof people are flaunting while promoting the site. It’s a trick to deceive gullible individuals into signing up and wasting time on the platform.


From all indications, mulahub is not legit but if you still want to give it a trial, I won’t stop you. Just sign up and start viewing ads, if you get paid on the 21st(highly unlikely), then you can come back to this article and inform us for an adjustment in the content.

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