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Hyper is a new gaming application owned by Metaverse Magna otherwise referred to as MVM. Hyper provides you with a number of games which you are expected to play against real opponents of which, if you are victorious, you will win some coins which can be withdrawn via local currency or fiat.

The only thing is that, you have to deposit money as little as 100 naira into the platform in exchange for coins that can be used to play games. In this article, we will be having a look at how you can make money daily from MVM hyper game. But before we get down to that, let’s have a general look at what hyper is all about including their parent company.

About MVM Hyper Game

Hyper is a gaming application owned by Metaverse Magna; a well known gaming platform that has been in the business of rewarding her users with cash benefits when they play games. MVM has been in operation for a while and it seems hyper is their new product in the gaming industry. If you wish to earn money on hyper, you have to be willing to spend some of your own money to be able to purchase coins.

Hyper in-app currency is the HPR coins which your naira deposits will be converted to and would also be useful in playing games on the platform. There are few games available on hyper for which, all of them are interesting but my best pick would be the Kong game.

List of Games Available On Hyper

Games available on MVM hyper

  1. Kong climb game – you will play as the king Kong jumping out of obstacles along your path that are meant to kill you in the game. Along the line too, you will see some fruits that will boost your energy and also make you gain more points. If your points are higher than that of your opponent’s you will be the winner of the game with more withdrawable points awarded to your account.
  2. Candy blast game
  3. Droid o
  4. Bird versus blocks

Is MVM Hyper Legit?

MVM hyper withdrawal proof

Hyper is more or less a gaming app, the only difference is you can earn money when you play the tournament mode. Now you may be wondering, is it a gambling application, the answer is yes. But not fully a gambling app since you can actually enjoy or have fun on the app for free using the practice mode.

MVM Hyper is legit. If you stake your own money and continue winning the opponents, then you would be able to withdraw the winnings. If you still don’t have money to stake or not yet willing to take such risk, the practice mode is available on all the games on hyper, play for free and have fun.

How to Create Account On Hyper And Start Earning Money

  • Firstly, Download Hyper Application directly from their Website.
  • When you are done, sign up with your details, make sure all the information entered are correct, because sometimes they ask users to verify identity before withdrawal and the documents required has to bear the same information as the one submitted while creating an account. So don’t try to falsify any detail.
  • Immediately you are done, on the homepage you will see Top up HPR with naira, click on it, follow the prompt to deposit any amount of your choice starting from 200 naira.  Whatever you deposit like I said earlier, will be converted to coins on the app.
  • Now to start playing games, scroll down to where you will see the popular games, select Kong game and start playing, for the first time, it is advisable to go for practice mode to get yourself ready.

You can also challenge one of your friends who has an account on the app to a tournament on the hyper gaming app. It’s as fun as anything you know but the only thing is, it involves money and for many that’s a deal breaker but don’t fret, you also make money along the line as long as you keep winning.

How to Withdraw Money From Hyper Game

Withdrawal of hpr coins

On your dashboard, you will see the wallet icon, click on it and proceed to cash out. Select the amount of coins you wish to withdraw and it will be converted to naira on the app before you proceed with the withdrawal.

If you wish to withdraw everything, just click on max and submit your account details, then enter OTP sent to your email for confirmation and your money will be in your bank within some minutes.

Hyper conducts promotions from time to time, so keep playing and making money on hyper for little to nothing.

What are Hyper Gems For?

What are Hyper Gems for?

The gems are a sort of reward tokens that are given to users when they play games every day and maintain the streak. Additionally, when you refer, you get 10 gems for each referrals but unlike the coins, gems cannot be withdrawn at the moment, but according to the information on the app, soon conversion will be possible. So accumulate as many gems as you can till it’s ready for conversion to cash.

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