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My Bill Assist Payment proof

My Bill Assist: Earn Upto $50 Dollars Completely Free

My Bill Assist Payment proof

My Bill Assist is an online earning platform that was launched for the purpose of assisting people pay their bills without having to hustle and bustle. Like the name implies, the owners/administrators of the platform intend to provide stay-at-home moms and people having issues with settling basic bills with some form of assistance.

All it takes to start earning money free of charge on the platform is your smartphone or PC, a crypto wallet because the payments are made via Litecoin and a referral team. Without wasting more time, below is a proven way of bypassing the IP Address in use error that is usually encountered while trying to create many accounts with same device.

How to Start Earning Money On My Bill Assist

  • Sign up on My Bill Assist Official Website by clicking HERE
  • You can sign up directly without VPN at first, the platform copies the IP address to avoid fraudulent signups or repeated signups with same device. But there’s na hack for this.
  • When you are done signing up, a verification link will be forwarded to your email address. The mail takes about 5-20 mins to arrive in some cases, sometimes it arrives earlier, depending on the traffic.
  • After verification of your email address, you would be given free $1 dollar to upgrade.
  • Use the welcome bonus of $1 to upgrade your My Bill Assist account. This is necessary if you want to build a team and earn from your team.

That’s all for the initial registration, click on the three lines on your dashboard > Referral link to get your unique referral link.

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Start Referring friends to the platform and per person that signs up and upgrades with his or her own welcome bonus, you get rewarded with $0.20 cents. The minimum withdrawal amount is just $1 via Litecoin.

But for those who don’t really have much friends to refer to the platform, here is a way of bypassing the IP is in use error.

How to Bypass The IP is In Use Error And Start Earning Unlimitedly

How to change server location on Thunder VPN

You need to pay close attention. If you are using GLO unlimited cheat to register on the website, then that’s the best!

Open your VPN be it Thunder VPN, Tunnel Cat, Potato VPN and select a new server after registering the first main account without a VPN.

Use your referral link to open a new account, do the necessary things, upgrade with $1 welcome bonus too and start your referral journey.  To prevent getting the IP is in use error, go back to your VPN and change to another server.

Let’s say for instance, you were connected to United Kingdom server while creating the first self referral account, just change server to maybe Singapore and still use your referral link to create another account. This will change your IP address, repeat this process with different VPNs till you’re tired of accumulating money. Remember the max earning is $50 for a basic account, if you wish to earn more than this, you may have to upgrade with your own money.

Note: don’t withdraw till you have accumulated enough as a free acct can only withdraw once.

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