Review: Is The Platform Scam Or Legit? - Gistrealz review - logo and image Review: Is The Platform Scam Or Legit? review - logo and image like most platform showing up in recent times promises to give users a certain percentage for whatever amount invested. Starting from the starter level package to the premium packages, the whole story revolves around rewarding ‘investors’ or more like risk takers with a certain amount of ROI.

But for the purpose of enlightenment, we are going to be treating some basic facts about and they are as follows; is legit? When was registered? Should you invest your money on Who are the owners of I will try my best to answer these questions based on my knowledge of Ponzi schemes and the little underground research conducted on the platform. Review; Is Legit?

Ponzi scheme

First of, it is a Ponzi scheme or hyip and there is no way in hell one would say it is legit. It works on the payment model of using the deposits of newbies to settle old promoters of the platform. In a nutshell, money is just be rotated and nothing like investment is done.

Mytrustfx not being legit, doesn’t stop it from paying the first or second set of users or risk takers on their platform. It all boils down to when you joined the platform. They are threading on an existing status quo currently; which means giving away free $20 registration bonus like every other similar schemes out there. is not legit but it may pay the first or second set of users. It depends on when you joined the platform and how lucky you are.

When Was Registered?

According to the information I have, the platform was registered on the 24th of June, 2022. This means no credit transaction or debit transaction has been conducted on the platform. It’s basically, a new site starting up with many risk takers waiting for the initial bonus to get mature. If you are the type of person who often patronises Ponzi schemes, it’s safe to say that Mytrustfx is still fresh among others.

Who are the Owners Of

Like other platforms, Mytrustfx didn’t make their details public. The owners information is protected under the Whois privacy protection policy. So there is no way for you to know the owners. The reason for this is that, most of these hyip scheme owners are fully aware that one day, the platform wont be able to pay and the investors may start looking for them thus they prefer not to disclose their identities.

Mytrustfx Review; Should You Invest Your Money On

It all boils down to personal preferences and choices here. But judging from my experience from Ponzi schemes, investing your money as one of the first set of users won’t be that bad. But make sure you don’t invest more than the initial bonus being given away by the platform currently. Greed is one thing that pushes people to lose alot of money on schemes like this.

Humans are naturally greedy but when it comes to Ponzi schemes like this, there is need for you to curtail the greed and participate safely. Additionally, Mytrustfx is using same pattern and script of one of the platforms that recently crashed –, which makes them a copycat of the platform and an unsafe one at that. I would say, participate at your own peril.

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