National Lottery Nigeria: Get N200 & Upto 50k Daily Free

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National lottery Nigeria is a platform created for Nigerians to make some money whilst being entertained. You can make up to 5000 naira daily if you create an account in national Lotto and play the various games available on the platform.

The good thing is that, national lottery Nigeria is official and currently giving away 200 naira to all new users who sign up with a special promo code. The welcome bonus can be used to play games or stake and if you are lucky, you stand a chance of winning something much higher than you staked alongside the bonus. In this article, we are going to be finding out all there is to know about national lottery Nigeria and how you can participate to earn up to 50000 naira daily.

About National Lottery Nigeria

National lottery Nigeria is a platform founded in 2020 with the aim of providing users with the chance to make money and also be entertained at the same time. It’s is a legally recognized lottery that is designed for people who are up to 18 because it involves some level of risk if you wish to deposit.

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The platform offers up to 6 games but the 4 main games users can participate to make money are as follows;

  1. Naija Mega jackpot
  2.  Pick 3
  3. Easy win
  4. Jara

You can participate in any of the games to make money but from our own experience or better put for the purpose of this article, it is advisable to go for the pick 3 game because it involves picking just 3 random numbers and if the three numbers are selected after an hour you have won the game.

How to Get Up to 50000 Naira Daily On National Lottery Nigeria

First of all, you need to create an account via the National Lottery Nigeria Official Website – HERE

How to get free 200 naira on national lottery Nigeria

While creating the account, you will be asked to enter a promo code, it’s not compulsory but if you are interested in the free 200 naira welcome bonus that will enable you play or stake risk free, then paste NATIONALGAME in the column provided for promo code.

An otp will be sent to your phone number to confirm account, enter the code and proceed to click on the three lines at the top right corner, select Pick 3 and choose your preferred 3 numbers.

Then stake 100 naira for a chance to win 200 naira, 1500 and Upto 50,000 naira after an hour.

Results of all stakings come after every hour. Infact, the moment you stake, an sms will be sent to your line confirming the numbers and when results will be out.

If you are lucky, your selected numbers will be picked and then you can cash out your winning. Make sure you register your profile with the account details you intend withdrawing with.

The best part is, you can accumulate this welcome bonus for higher chances of winning by creating many new accounts with all your sim cards.

Each new account comes with 200 naira welcome bonus, now imagine if you are able to win with all the accounts you created? That would be crazy cash!


National lottery Nigeria payment proof

In all you do, make sure you are creating new accounts with the promo code, NATIONALGAME as that is what will give you the free 200 naira that can then be boosted.

Payment has been confirmed, just pray for luck as national lottery Nigeria is wholly based on luck!

So that’s how to get Upto 50000 naira on national lottery Nigeria by playing games and staking lucky numbers.

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