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Newmont review

Newmont is the new online platform that’s paying users for simply purchasing one of their packages with real money. Ever since the platform was launched, it’s been trending because some individuals withdrew and were paid, so in this newmont review, we will be finding out if newmont is a legit online platform or scam.

In this newmont review, we will be having a look at all you should know about the new online earning platform, the various packages, the owner if any and whether or not you should invest on the platform or not, just sit tight, grab your coffee and enjoy this article.

About Newmont

About newmont

Newmont with the URL is an investment website that gives users free extra cash or profit when they deposit money and purchase one of the investment plans available on the platform. There is no information as regards the source of the revenue being paid to users besides just being an investment website and as such, this is a major red flag everyone should beware of.

Investment Plans On Newmont |

  • Investing or purchasing the 1,500 naira investment plan will fetch you 495 naira daily and it will run for 180 days.
  • The 3,000 naira investment plan will generate 1,000 naira profit daily which is withdrawable as soon as possible.
  • The 5,000 plan on Newmont will generate 1,700 profit on a daily basis and this plan will keep generating profit for months.
  • 10,000 naira plan will fetch a user 3,600 naira profit daily.
  • 20,000 naira plan will fetch the user 7,600 profit on a daily basis.

There are many other investment plans on Newmont with the highest being the 850,000 naira plan which also generates a whole lot of profit daily. But the problem is, how safe is Newmont?

Newmont Review – Is Legit Or Scam? is not a legit platform even though it’s paying users for now. It’s a Ponzi investment website and such websites are bound to crash after sometime. So make sure you stay away from Newmont no matter how your friends or anyone shares it to you, don’t deposit money.

There are numerous red flags on Newmont and prominent amongst them is the fact that newmont has no known owner and the plans are not sustainable. It’s purely a Ponzi scam launched by the owners to cash out from ignorant or unsuspecting individuals this month of December.

So make sure you stay away from the platform. We’ve seen many of such websites in the past and one thing is common, they don’t even last beyond a week or two, if you have plans to register and deposit, better retrace your steps as your chances of losing money is very high compared to your chances of being paid by Newmont investment website. claims to be an investment website but the site is very shady and weak. They didn’t even come up with a better website, the current one reeks of scam and as such, the hit and run website should be avoided by all means. The owners are just after scamming users in the short run and not after lifting anyone from poverty.

The principle of ponzi schemes is, rob Peter to pay Paul. Rotate money from the ones depositing money and pay it to those placing withdrawal. So the life or sustenance of platforms like is the influx of new users, as soon as new users stop registering, the platform will cease to exist. If you have already purchased one of the investment plans, what you will do for yourself is to stop referring friends and family.

Just try as much as possible to withdraw some of the money deposited on the platform. That’s all for the newmont investment website. Should you invest money on the website? I am sure you have gotten your answer. Incase you searched and found this article while contemplating to deposit money, just retrace your steps and rethink to avoid losing your hard earned money this ember period.

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