Review: Get Free $20 For Trading - Gistrealz review Review: Get Free $20 For Trading review is a trading website similar to what we have been seeing all around. The site promises to reward users with a certain percentage of money for the invested amount based on the package selected. Nextera is currently trending and being shared on most social media platforms because of the current $20 registration bonus that is ongoing on the website.

The platform is currently giving away free 20 dollars to users who sign up, which gives them an opportunity to trade on the platform for free without having to invest any additional money. This is aimed at increasing the number of users and reducing the skepticism by many for platforms like this. But then, does it mean is a perfectly legit platform? We will get to know in this article.

Let’s first break down how you can earn or get the free $20 and invest before talking about how legitimate or how real is as a platform.

How to Get Free $20 On Platform? registration page

✅ Sign up on, fill the registration form with your real email address, full name and password. The registration process is very easy and brief.

✅ After registration, you will be logged into the platform and given free 20 dollars registration bonus(note this will stop on the 25th of June)

Nextera alpha package

✅ What you have to do in this case is invest the free registration bonus by purchasing a package; the alpha package that should fetch you 10 dollars by the end of the investment term.

That’s all for the registration and securing the free 20 dollars from but then, how real or legit is this platform incase you would like to invest with your money later on?

Is Nextera.Ltd Real Or Legit?

We cannot really say for now, since the website is new and, there hasn’t been much or any payout. But I have seen and heard about websites like this, the first set of users often withdraw or earn safely but only lose unless they are pushed by greed to continue. Since is giving away free 20 dollars, there won’t be need investing your own money till you have gotten or withdrawn the dividends from the current investment.

The advice not to invest your own money wasn’t borne out of hatred for the platform but due to the score on Scam adviser. I ran a check on scam adviser and discovered that the platform has a very low rating, similar to most hyip websites and Ponzi sites that promise outrageous bonuses. Below is a screenshot of the score and why you should not invest with your own money, just register and use the free bonus to invest while waiting for the maturity date. trust rating on scam adviser

Notwithstanding the score, I would advise you to join and secure the free bonus but when it matures, don’t invest any money in the platform, if it doesn’t pay the dividends from the bonus investment, then it’s scam and not worth investing any dime on.

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