Ngawin Review – Is A Legit Game?

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Ngawin review

Ngawin is a casino gaming website that has been around for a long while now. It’s been nearly 4 months since I first came across the website and then, I didn’t think it too wise to review it but of recent, there’s been a surge in the way people share the link of the website, so I decided to write this ngawin review to better explain how the platform works, the potential red flags and whatnot to the new users who may be concerned about Knowing if ngawin is legit or scam.

In this article as already stated, we will be having a look at the most important aspects of information regarding ngawin casino gaming website. As well as answering the very important question that all newbies or yet-to-be members care so much about which is whether ngawin is legit or scam? So keep reading to get the full information about ngawin.

About Ngawin

Ngawin as previously stated is an online casino gaming website where users can either deposit money to play games or use the red envelope bonuses being given by the administrators on telegram to play. Now you play games and if your successful or victorious in the gameplay, you win extra money depending on the amount you staked in the first instance.

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So it’s practically gambling that is made less serious due to the kind of games you can play. It’s not purely based on outcome of any match as seen in conventional gambling sites but they have myriad of games where users can stake money, pick the one they prefer and play of which if they are victorious, they earn more money.

List of Ngawin Games

  • Mine game
  • Crash game
  • Limbo
  • Dice
  • Crazy 777
  • Keno
  • Plinko

The game are actually grouped in categories, there are games like aviator and the likes in other category. So you simply pick a game from the category that suits your demands or matches what you think is good.

The vast number of games available on ngawin actually makes it a desirable casino website because users can always pick from anyone they like instead of being forced to stick to one particular game or set of games.

How to Create an Account on Ngawin

How to create an account on ngawin

Firstly, the details required for registration are; phone number, email and password including correctly typing the captcha numbers.

So to create an account, hop into ngawin and click on Sign up, a form will pop up, fill the form with your details as these details may be required of you should you forget the password to sign into your account in the future. There is need to use real details.

How to deposit on ngawin

After registering, you will be logged into the main dashboard for you to start playing games. To deposit money on ngawin, you need to click on the red envelope icon at the top right corner, a pop up will show for you to either select deposit or withdraw.

Simply enter the amount you wish to deposit starting from 2,000 naira and pay money into the account they show you and then after some minutes or seconds the money will reflect in your balance for you to play with.

Like I said earlier, there are numerous games to play on ngawin, but for your own good, stake low and play to avoid losing all. I will be honest with you in this ngawin review. While playing ensure you are staking low, greed is the number one killer in casino.

How to Get Free Bonus On Ngawin

Red envelope links that contain some free bonus amount drop every 12pm & 7pm on their telegram channel. So do well to join in order for you to also receive the red envelope bonuses every day. That way, you can play games without even depositing.

Ngawin Review – Is legit Or Scam?

There is no way I can call this an ngawin review without answering this very pertinent question. To answer the question, ngawin is paying at the moment. I have discovered that using the word, legit for casino website may be misleading.

Reason is, people have varied experiences while playing games on websites like ngawin, so saying it’s legit may confuse an innocent, inexperienced person to believe that he or she can double money certainly on this website without knowing there is a high chance of losing everything as well. So for that reason, it’s safer to say, ngawin is paying at the moment.

You stand a risk of losing everything you deposited, so play with caution and always stake low.

How to Withdraw From Ngawin

How to withdraw from ngawin

If you want to withdraw, ensure you’ve played and accumulated up to 2,000 naira as that is the minimum withdrawal amount.

Then you click on the red envelope icon again, this time select withdraw as shown in the screenshot illustration above and enter the amount you wish to withdraw, fill your withdrawal details and submit.

The payment takes a couple of minutes to arrive.

Ngawin Red Flags  & Green Flags

  • The first green flag is that ngawin has been around for a couple of months with people sharing and saying reasonably good things about the platform. That’s a green flag because it means the platform is still paying and fairly strong at the moment.
  • The second green flag based on my analysis is the minimum withdrawal amount pegged at 2,000 naira. It’s actually a green flag because some gaming website fix 5,000 naira as minimum withdrawal. It’s much easier to withdraw from ngawin
  •  The red flag I noticed however is that there is high loss rate while playing the games. I know most casino gaming platforms are preprogrammed but at least the winning rate should always be fair at all times, this is not really the case on ngawin. If you’re not careful, you can lose everything in a blink

Conclusively, to wrap up this ngawin review, the decision whether to join ngawin or not is solely in your hands since it’s your money being deposited here. If from what you read you think, ngawin is a legit game that you can make money from, then go ahead. But if it’s not, stay away.

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