Notisave App: Read Deleted Messages On WhatsApp Messenger

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How to read deleted WhatsApp message

Do you know that there is a way you can read deleted messages on WhatsApp messenger application without having to download the mod version? It is for this singular purpose that some people are making use of the mod versions of WhatsApp, putting their accounts at risk of sudden termination but this feature could still be accessed with the normal WhatsApp.

In this post, we are going to have a look at how you can be reading deleted messages on WhatsApp without stress or hassle. The best part is that, you can also reply messages directly from the app going to be mentioned.

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The only thing is that, you can only access or read deleted messages on WhatsApp messenger using a third party app known as Notisave app. Before we get down to how to set up the Notisave to enable you read deleted messages on WhatsApp, there is need to first know some of the distinctive features of the app.

What is Notisave App?

Notisave as the name implies is a notification saver that can help you not to miss any notification from all social media apps on your phone. It is this notification saving feature that also helps to keep and retain messages from friends and family on WhatsApp even after the sender has deleted from his or her end.

Below are some of the interesting features of Notisave app you should be aware of;

  1. Autosave notifications shown in notification bar.
  2. Keep your notification bar clean
  3. Search notifications from all apps at once easily.
  4. Supports WhatsApp, Facebook messenger and other messengers.
  5. Austosave status updates from friends
  6. Option to read messages privately without the sender’s knowledge.

So besides being an app that can help you read deleted messages, it also provides you with the opportunity to read WhatsApp, Facebook messages from friends privately without the sender’s knowledge.

How to Read Deleted Messages On WhatsApp Messenger

  • Download the Notisave application from Playstore
  • Grant the app access to your notifications and also every other permissions needed for it to run well.
  • Allow the Notisave app to show the notifications saved on your device status bar.
  • Then you will start seeing all notifications from social media apps saved in the app including messages from friends even if it’s deleted before you open the WhatsApp, you will still be able to read the messages via the Notisave app.
  • To access the messages, just open Notisave app and click on chats, then you will see all messages sent to your WhatsApp both including deleted ones.

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