NowNow App: How to Get Free 300 Naira Sign Up Bonus

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NowNow App free 300 Naira bonus

NowNow App is giving away free 300 Naira sign up bonus to all new users who sign up and complete the KYC verification. NowNow is a payment app that offers users financial services such as money transfers, airtime and bill payments, dedicated debit card for withdrawals and transactions and many other interesting services which we would look into later on.

They started a promo recently to encourage new customers to sign up and get verified on the app for a free ₦300 bonus which will be credited immediately the KYC verification is completed. In this post, we are going to be finding out some specific details about this promo such as, the document needed for KYC verification, steps on how to get verified on NowNow App for the bonus and some of the special or better put interesting features of NowNow App. Just keep reading to find out more.

What are the Features of NowNow App?

  1. Enjoy a 100% Mobile Experience: Going to the bank is old school. Rather take the bank with you-on the go with a few taps! You can send money, receive money and pay bills- all on your terms.
  2. Super Fast Transfers: Instantly send or receive transfers to anyone. Even if they’ve got no account number, you can send it to their phone number!
  3. Airtime Top-up: Get up to 5% cashback on every recharge. Plus you can recharge airtime and data for your friends and loved ones.
  4. NowNow Debit Card: You get a free virtual card once you signup and the physical NowNow debit Mastercard delivered to you in days. You can lock, unlock, set withdrawal limit and freeze your card anytime.
  5. QR Code for Secure Transactions: Enjoy the flexibility of using a contactless mode to pay in a fast, easy and secure way.

Steps to Get Free 300 Naira On NowNow App

  • The bonus is open to new NowNow users, so it can only work for you if this is your first time of creating account on NowNow.
  • Download NowNow App from Playstore and then sign up with your real details such as the accurate name as it is in your banking institution. The reason is you must verify with BVN before you get the bonus.

How to verify account on NowNow App

  • After signing up, you will be logged into your account dashboard, simply click on the top right corner showing “incomplete” and scroll down to where you will be asked to upgrade to tier 2. Enter your BVN and proceed to upgrade.
  • You will be asked to also complete face verification. Just follow the steps to get your account verified and you will be given 300 Naira bonus instantly.

When it comes to how legit or safe NowNow App is, you have nothing to worry about. NowNow is a fintech app that is registered, so the BVN being submitted can’t be used to for illegal purposes.

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