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NowNow app free 750mb data

NowNow in collaboration with PlanetPlay is giving away free 750mb data to all users to sign up on PlanetPlay through their various NowNow dashboard.

The reward comes in form of a coupon code or promo code and it’s worth 500 naira and the only thing you can use it for is data purchase on the NowNow app In this article, we will be having a look at how to get your own free 750mb data on the NowNow application.

About NowNow App

NowNow is a payment application that allows users pay bills, make transfers and conduct many other online transactions swiftly without having to incur charges. The fintech claims to be the fastest payment wallet and there are numerous features users can enjoy when they sign up on NowNow.

Features of NowNow

Some of the features of NowNow application include but not limited to;

Enjoy a 100% Mobile Experience 

Going to the bank is old school. Rather take the bank with you-on the go with a few taps! You can send money, receive money and pay bills- all on your terms.

Super Fast Transfers 

Instantly send or receive transfers to anyone. Even if they’ve got no account number, you can send it to their phone number!

Airtime Top-up

Get up to 5% cashback on every recharge. Plus you can recharge airtime and data for your friends and loved ones.

NowNow Debit Card

You get a free virtual card once you sign up and the physical NowNow debit Mastercard delivered to you in days. You can lock, unlock, set withdrawal limit and freeze your card anytime.

QR Code for Secure Transactions

Enjoy the flexibility of using a contactless mode to pay in a fast, easy and secure way.

How to Get Free 750mb On NowNow

How to get free 750mb on NowNow app

Firstly you need to login to your NowNow account if you have an existing account but if you don’t, download the App from Play store and sign up.

Login to the account and scroll down to where you will see a 500mb data slider with PlanetPlay image. When you click on it, you will be taken to PlanetPlay website.

There you will see an option to claim reward, click on it and proceed to create an account on PlanetPlay with your email address and password. Confirmation link will be sent to your email, tap on it to verify your account.

After verification, login to your planetplay account and you will immediately be given 10 green points which can be used to order Now Now Data Plan from their store.

Now now data on PlanetPlay

Browse the PlanetPlay store, search for Now Now and the data plan will pop up, then you proceed to buy. Instead of asking you to buy with debit card, it will automatically select payment method as the 10 green points balance.

Submit and your promo code will be shown to you. Copy the promo code.

How to Redeem PlanetPlay Data Promo Code

Open NowNow again, click on Buy Data, look for 500 naira plan on any network (usually 750mb for 7 days) and select it.

On the payment page, you will see the column provided for Promo Code, paste the code and submit.

The data will be instantly credited to your phone number without paying a dime for it.

Can the free data be accumulated? I don’t think so unless you have many NowNow accounts as I tried creating many PlanetPlay accounts I wasn’t given the green points. So it’s like the offer is limited to each user.

That’s how to get the free 750mb data from NowNow courtesy of PlanetPlay. Enjoy and feel free to share. If you have any questions drop in the comment section.

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