Obiex Finance: How to Earn $0.5 And Up to $10 Via Referrals

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Obiex Finance is a crypto exchange platform that is currently running an interesting referral program which rewards users who refer friends and family members to the app with a whopping $0.5 in dogecoin which can be easily redeemed to either naira, airtime or data depending on the one you wish to go for.

The interesting aspect is that, the referral is not required to complete any special task or even deposit as is obtainable in many other platforms especially the ones offering such an interesting referral program. In this article, we are going to be covering all there is to know about Obiex Finance, Obiex Finance referral program and how you can earn up to $10 from the app via referrals. This works best if you have a huge team, but you can just sign up, complete KYC and then start referring your immediate family since it doesn’t involve the use of BVN.

About Obiex Finance

How Obiex Finance works

Obiex Finance is a crypto exchange that allows users to swap, buy, sell, receive and store Bitcoin securely as well as other cryptocurrencies securely from anywhere in the world. Obiex has a very simple interface that makes it usable and reduces the chances of a newbie getting lost in the process of making mistakes.

You can join other crypto traders on Obiex to earn money and make profit by trading on the platform and swapping coins instantly without confirmations. According to the info on Obiex, you also receive market updates and get to explore in real-time, coin pricing and best rates in the crypto market/world. Everything you need to get started is on the dashboard and can be easily accessed. Now we can’t talk about one Obiex exchange feature(referral program) without mentioning some of the interesting features of the app generally.

Features of Obiex Finance

There are certain reasons why a crypto guru should consider using Obiex exchange and they are as follows;

  1. Easy setup: You can easily create an Obiex account within minutes and create your personal wallets for several crypto assets.
  2. Swap without confirmations: Avoid wasted opportunities by trading a wide range of coins instantly within seconds, even without confirmation. Enjoy smoothly swapping Bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge, Matic, USDT, BUSD, and a host of other coins on Obiex.
  3. Zero swap Fees: Get the most out of your trades by instantly swapping coins for free with 0 transaction fees on swaps.
  4. Send and receive crypto easily with usernames: Connect with your friends, family and loved ones by easily sending and receiving crypto anywhere in the world. You don’t need long wallet addresses when sending or receiving crypto within Obiex. You can send and receive crypto using only usernames.
  5. Withdraw and deposit cryptocurrency: You can move crypto into your secured Obiex wallet and out to an external wallet. It’s safe, fast, and easy.

To crown it all, there is a referral program that is very interesting and as a matter of fact, the primary reason for the publication of this article. We’ll be exploring some details about the referral bonus and how to start earning some money via referrals on Obiex Finance app.

How Obiex Finance Referral Program Works

Obiex Finance referral program

On Obiex Finance, for each referral you convince to sign up on the platform, you will be given $0.5 worth of doge. Which means that, referring two family members or friends will fetch you a dollar and if you are able to refer 100 people to download and complete KYC 2 verification on Obiex Finance, you will be given $50!

To get started on Obiex Finance, just download the application from Google Play store or Apple store. While signing up, ensure the referral code showing is – ZC1FML4Y

This is a simple way to support me since you’re getting to know about Obiex Finance from the article. After signing up, the next step would be to complete KYC 2 verification with either of the following documents;

  • NIN slip
  • Voter’s card
  • Premium NIN
  • International passport

If you have any of the documents, just make use of it, snap front and back of the document you have and upload to the app including a short video of your face making a circle with you head and face fully in the frame.

When you are done with this, your Obiex account will be fully verified and ready to transact seamlessly on the platform.

How to Start Earning $0.5 Doge Via Referrals On Obiex Finance

How to start earning via referrals on Obiex Finance app

After being verified even though you can start referring even before they confirm the documents submitted, the next step is to copy your referral link and code.

To get your Obiex referral code, simply click on “More” then on referrals, you will see your referral code and the link. Tap on it to copy and share it to friends and family members, ensure they sign up and complete verification with any of the stated ID before you will be credited with the bonus.

How to Withdraw Your Referral Bonuses On Obiex Finance

Obiex Finance referral bonus withdrawal

It will be illogical to write and write about the Obiex referral program and how one can earn some money from it without also discussing how it can be withdrawn. So let’s get down to that part of the story.

When you have gotten some referrals, the next step is to click on swap, there you will see the amount you have in doge, swap the doge to NGNX directly and it will be converted to naira then you head back to the homepage and click on withdraw.

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Before you will be allowed to initiate a withdrawal, you will be asked to enable 2FA on the Obiex app, enable it, copy the set up key/code that will be shown to you and open the Google Authenticator App, if you don’t have it download from Play store and click in the plus sign, forge any account name, then paste the set up key gotten from Obiex Finance into the set up key column and add.

The code you should enter on Obiex to complete your withdrawal will be displayed on the authenticator app, simply copy it and paste, select the merchant you want and your account details to finalize the withdrawal.

If you want to use the referral bonus to buy airtime, simply select airtime on your dashboard too and follow the prompts.

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