Opera Bet9ja Christmas Giveaway: Win Vouchers & Cash Prizes

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Opera Bet9ja Christmas Giveaway

Opera in affiliation with bet9ja is giving away free cash prizes and betting vouchers courtesy of the bet9ja christmas giveaway. If you want to win free cash prizes and betting vouchers, all you have to do is read this article till the end to understand everything about the opera Bet9ja christmas giveaway.

It is not a new thing for opera to conduct occasional giveaways as we have seen a couple of giveaways from the platform during their shake and win promotions. But today, we will be having a look at how to win cash vouchers and betting vouchers simply by logging in daily to the opera browser and participating in the shake ans win contest on a daily basis till the end of the promotion

How to Win Cash And Betting Vouchers From Opera Bet9ja Christmas Giveaway

Prizes to Be Won On Opera Christmas Giveaway

To participate in the opera Xmas giveaway, then open the opera browser, you will see a floating option towards the bottom area showing the bet9ja Christmas Giveaway, click on it and you will be asked to shake and win.

Simply shake your device alittle to unveil the prizes or you win a badge of one of the prizes. Then you will be asked to login and then wait for 24 hours before you can be able to shake again.

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After shaking for the first time, you have to wait for 24 hours before you will be able to shake again. There is a chance you will win something nice from the first shake but if you don’t, then there is no problem. Just repeat the process after 24 hours to stand a chance of winning cash or betting vouchers.

How Long Will Opera Bet9ja Christmas Giveaway Last?

The opera Xmas version of the shake and win will last for about two weeks. Campaign is slated to end on the 28th of December, two days after Christmas. So you have little time to win some amazing prizes from just shaking your device daily.

According to the information on the campaign page, the withdrawals will take a maximum of 7 days to arrive the destination account after you’ve withdrawn the cash prize. While submitting the details for bet9ja voucher, ensure you don’t make any mistake in username otherwise the reward will be sent to a different account.

How to Get More Shakes On Opera Christmas Shake And Win

There is no way of getting more shakes. Unlike previous opera shake and win campaigns, you can’t get extra shakes through referrals or by reading news. Each user is entitled for one shake per day and that’s all.

The only way of getting more shakes, the only way to get more shakes is by creating new accounts or cloning the opera browser using Dual Space or Multi Space and using it to shake in order to get more shakes.

That’s all for the opera Bet9ja christmas giveaway! If you enjoyed the article feel free to join our telegram channel for more interesting money making updates.

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