Opera Celo USD: How to Easily Bypass Invalid Number and Not Eligible for the event Errors

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Opera Celo USD invalid number solution

Invalid number and not eligible for the service are two major errors stopping or hindering people from successfully enjoying the opera celo USD giveaway. Many people have gotten this error so many times and as such, grown tired of the giveaway as a whole but a little solution has been discovered and if you are lucky to have access to this solution, you may not have issues while trying to participate in the opera cusd campaign or event anymore.

In this article, we are going to have a look at how to bypass the not eligible for the event and invalid number errors on opera celo USD giveaway. Without wasting time, let’s start with explaining more about opera celo USD giveaway for the benefit of those who are just getting to know about it. After which, we get down to the few requirements needed for the solution to work well.

About Opera Celo USD Giveaway

Opera Celo USD is an event set up by Opera mini to not only create awareness about its new crypto wallet but also to encourage more users to use the opera mini app. The giveaway which has been ongoing for more than a month now rewards users who claim the bonus with $2 worth of celo USD which could be claimed as airtime or via cash if you decide to sell it to a vendor.

The steps to getting the bonus is simply clicking on the airdrop giveaway link provided by Opera and then linking it with your newly created opera wallet and then completing phone number verification and claiming your $2 worth of celo USD. It doesn’t take much time as long as it’s your first time but if you attempt to claim more than once, you will most likely experience some errors ranging from invalid number to not eligible for the event etc. thus the purpose of writing this article. I’ll therefore encourage you to keep reading and make sure you take the information contained in this piece seriously.

Requirements for bypassing Opera Celo Invalid Number and Not Eligible for the event Errors

1. An NTEL, Smile or spectranet line with active data connection. It has been proven that smile sims are working perfectly well and the good thing is, you don’t need to use the number. Just the connection and your normal phone numbers.

2. Standard Android device and the various links to access the opera celo USD giveaway.

3. Being in one of the locations or states where these sims have coverage. As we all know, NTEL, smile and spectranet sims don’t have coverage everywhere in Nigeria. Presently, these sims are most active in Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja plus few other places. So if you are a resident of any of the states, you are good to go.

How to Solve Not Eligible for the Event and Invalid Number Errors On Opera Celo USD

  1. If you have the sims and have active data plan or subscription on either of the lines.
  2.  Insert the sim into your device and click on the link meant to open the airdrop giveaway page. Then link your opera wallet with the smile data connection on, enter your normal phone number as long as it has not been used to register on opera Celo before and proceed with claiming your 2 Celo USD.
  3. It has been proven to be working well with the data connection of either of the aforementioned networks. If you have smile, spectranet or NTEL and you are in a state they have coverage, then consider yourself lucky.

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Now to also make it easier for both our Nigerian, south African and Ghana readers, I’ll be attaching the various links to access the opera celo USD giveaway directly in your own country.

Below are the Links to Access Opera Celo USD event

South Africa cUSD Link


Ghana cUSD Link


Tanzania cUSD Link


Mozambique cUSD Link


Congo cUSD Link






Make sure you enjoy the opera celo USD event as much as possible now because the promo is ending on the 31st of march. So if you don’t have either of the sims, you can as well regard the update as gone while we await new interesting updates.

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