Opera MiniPay Review – Features & How to Earn Money

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Opera Minipay review

Opera Minipay is the new big thing in the industry powered by Opera to provide Africans with an easy way of saving money and transacting in dollars without having to pass through any cumbersome process. In this opera minipay review, we will be finding out more about the mini pay service; what it offers, how to start transacting using the service and also a way of earning some money.

MiniPay is a stable coin wallet built by Opera on the celo blockchain. Since celo doesn’t attract much charges, minipay is a literally the perfect platform to save and transact in Cusd without having to stress yourself. With that being said, let’s first of all understand from a general standpoint what minipay is all about.

About Opera Mini Pay

MiniPay image

Minipay is a Blockchain-based stablecoin wallet that is built on celo Blockchain. It is directly integrated into the Opera Mini browser and makes it much easier for users across Africa to acquire and send stablecoin simply by using their mobile numbers. All You need to send money to a loved one in any part of Africa using the mini pay service is just their phone number i.e. the one they used in creating a mini pay wallet.

Additionally, if you are looking for a safe way to run away from the devaluation of our local currency especially in this part of the world as against other strong foreign currency, you can use the mini pay service to save yourself the stress of having to deal with money devaluation and as such, retain your worth no matter what happens in the country.

Features of Opera MiniPay

There is no way I can write an opera minipay review, without talking about the numerous features available on the service which also will cover some of the benefits or things users stand to gain.

1. Minipay makes it easy for users to transact in foreign currency or stablecoins without having to break a sweat. Like I stated earlier, all you need to start enjoying the seamless transactions is your phone number and a Google account.

2. Deposits and withdrawals are very easy through a p2p system otherwise known as peer to peer system using their partners such as Fonbnk, Cashramp, Paychant etc.

3.  Welcome and Referral bonus for users to get them started on the platform and this is something very interesting.

4. Withdrawals are near instant depending on the partner used or the person you’re matched with via p2p but to get the best results, it’s always better or advisable to transact during the day from 8am to 10pm in the evening.

Opera Minipay Review – Is MiniPay Safe?

MiniPay is completely safe. It’s owned by Opera and as such, your money is super safe on the platform; whether you decide to transact using the service or you save money on it, the key thing is to ensure you’ve backed up your private keys on your Google account or copied it out to a safe place in case of necessity.

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Apart from that, MiniPay is super legit and safe.

How to Register On MiniPay

To create an account on MiniPay, since it has no application, the only way is through opera mini browser. Download Opera mini browser and set up your minipay account using phone number and also your Gmail or Google account to automatically save your keyphrase.

Then you will be instantly rewarded with $0.10 dollars which is equivalent to 100 naira or less and also given access to all the features. If after registering, you want to add funds to your wallet for any reason, click on Add Cash, use any of their partners, personally, I’d prefer you use Cashramp.

Enter the amount you want to add in dollars and proceed. You will matched to pay a merchant as shown in the screenshot below

MiniPay peer to peer system

Complete the transfer to the merchant and click on I’ve made payment then expect your funds to be added to your minipay wallet balance. That’s all for funding.

Meanwhile if you want to withdraw, still click on withdraw and make use of one of the partners. MiniPay is as easy as anything you know, even someone who’s not really inclined to tech wouldn’t have any issues using the service.

How to Earn Money Using Opera Minipay Referral & Sign Up Bonus

MiniPay referral program

There are two ways of earning some money on MiniPay and one of it is via the referral program.

The referral program may seem not to be worth it, but since it’s free and you can get $0.1 for every person you refer to activate his or her minipay wallet, its totally worth it. Click on the invite your friends option and copy your link, then share it to others and earn $0.1 for each referral and your referral earns same as well.

The second way of earning money using MiniPay is by creating many accounts if you have many Sims. Create as many accounts as possible with your numerous sins to earn $0.1 from each account and then transfer all the bonuses to one account and withdraw.

That’s if you have the strength to go through such a rigorous process for $0.1. Another way to earn money is by applying to become a merchant on one of the partners available on MiniPay such as Cashramp. You get to earn some side revenue from attending to orders as quickly and swiftly as possible. The steps involved in becoming a merchant on Cashramp will be discussed later.

We’ve come to the end of this opera minipay review! Personally, there is no downside of using the service and everything is as easy and simple as it can get; even to a layman with no previous computer knowledge.


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