Opera News: How I Made Over 600k In 2 Months From Writing Articles

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Do you know that you can actually make lots and lots of money from just sitting at home and doing something you love doing? Opera News is a platform that has provided users with the opportunity to make money from the comfort of their home in a simple way, all you have to do is have the passion and heart for content creation and make money comfortably from the comfort of your home.

This is not just any kind of News or basic information you read every now and then, I am going to be sharing my full story and how I was able to make over 600k (Six Hundred Thousand Naira) from Opera News in two months from just writing and submitting my articles. If you have passion for writing and perhaps nursing the passion waiting for the perfect time to get money enough to launch a blog, then becoming a writer on Opera News could just be the perfect option for you; at least to provide with enough money to actualize your dreams of being a mainstream writer/blogger.

Without beating about the bush for too long, below are the step-by-step guide on how to become a writer or journalist for Opera News Nigeria.

How To Become A Writer On Opera News And Start Your Money Making Journey;

1. You have to download Opera News Application From Google Playstore. The reason for downloading the application is that, you’d have the opportunity to read the News and information posted by other authors.

2. Secondly, click on m.hub.opera.com if you are using mobile phone while on PC, click on hub.opera.com and select either of the options (sign in with Facebook or Google) due to personal experience, it’s best for you to sign up with your Google account because if you lose your Facebook account by mistake, your account on Opera also goes with it. So google is the best option. Below is a screenshot guide.

Opera News writer

When you login with either Facebook or Google, you’d be asked to select your country of residence. If you are a Nigerian, just select Nigeria and proceed to the next page. On the next page, you will be required to fill your desired username, category or field of interest i.e. the kind of articles you want to be publishing or let’s use a more conventional term; your niche.

How to become an Opera News Writer

3. Just ensure you fill in the details correctly with a little information on the kind of stories you intend publishing on the hub in the biography column. Most importantly, use your real image or picture at least while registering; later on you can change it.

4. Once you are done filling the information on this page, you would be shown a new page asking you to fill in your legal information i.e. full name, email address, National ID card number and phone number. Make sure you don’t mistakenly input wrong information in this particular form. When you are done with it, just click next and then enter your Opay number. If you don’t have an Opay account, you can download the Application From HERE and register. After registering, use the number you used for Opay registration to input in the Opera last page of registration and submit.

Your account will be reviewed by an editor within 24 hours and your account will be ready for publication of stories and articles/News.

That is it for how to register and become a writer on Opera News In Nigeria 2022. Now if you are wondering how I made upto 600k+ in just two months and still making not less than six figures on a monthly basis, then you have to take the information below seriously;

First of all, you need to understand that Opera News is not a get rich quick scheme, I didn’t start making such amount of money out of the blues. It took me some months before I gained enough experience and ground to make such. But assuming I had a guide like I am about being to you, perhaps I’d have climbed the ladder of money making faster.

Secondly, you need to be a very active publisher; not one who gets deterred by mere rejections or poor numbers. When I say poor numbers, I mean poor clicks. On Opera what works and fetches you money are the clicks your articles generate, so you need to be tactful enough to write headlines and articles that won’t violate the rules and even when you’re not doing good numbers, don’t be deterred. A quitter is never a winner.

For a start, you would only be allowed to publish 2 articles per day, but with consistency and perseverance, the editors will review your account and you will be allowed to write 7 or 10 depending on how you manage your account. Endeavour to write only verified reports no matter the category you want to go for. If you want to write News, ensure you source your News articles from trusted and verified News outlets such as PunchNG, Legit.NG, vanguard etc. and when you are done with any report, make sure you include the source of such information at the end of the article.

Take the above very seriously as that will go a long way in determining how long and comfortable your stay would be. Writing fake or unverified news can cause account termination and if your account is terminated, you lose the already accumulated revenue.

How Does Opera Calculate Revenue For It’s Content Writers?

Opera News in the past used to pay based on 0.036 per click on an article but things changed along the line for the better. So they don’t pay based on a fixed rate, your article revenue is determined by the quality, attractiveness and length of the article. So the more quality opinion pieces, attractive and lengthy articles you write, the more money you make. But make sure you craft your headlines in an attractive manner. Before you put out contents, ask yourself a question; if I were to be the reader, will I click on this? Do this each time you’re about to submit an article but make sure you don’t exaggerate the headline in the bid to induce clicks.

Here are some of the exaggerative and clickbait terms you should know; Hot, Amazing, Shocking, “Nigerians React”(for those writing reaction articles), Surprising Facts About…, Wow.

They are regarded as exaggerated terms and as such should be avoided. Ensure you write normal headlines that reflect what your content is about while concealing some of the interesting aspects of your article for readers to be able to click. Here is an example; “Minister of Education Says Government is ready to renegotiate with ASUU” this is a good headline but it’s bad in the sense that, there is nothing hidden anymore for the readers to click.

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Instead of using the headline above, you can say, “ASUU Strike: Here Is The Reaction Of The Minister Of Education To The Ongoing Industrial Action”. What readers want to see now is, what the minister has to say. The headline is perfectly okay and acceptable based on my experience but make sure you install Opera News Application to learn more about the normal and acceptable article headlines and patterns.

How To Withdraw The Generated Revenue On Opera News

How I made over 600k in two months On Opera News

As a content creator on Opera News, you can’t withdraw your earnings. Your accumulated revenue for the month will be paid to your Opay account every 15th of the month for the previous month. I.e. the payment for articles written in January will arrive on the 15th of February. Additionally, the Monetization Calculator is being optimized, so you won’t be able to see your revenue, just write and publish passionately and you’d be paid what you deserve.

Remember, consistency, perseverance and creativity are needed for you to excel on the platform. Thanks, share to others who may be secretly nursing and suppressing their aspirations to become writers.

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