Opera Predictor: Predict And Win Airtime, Cash Vouchers and Smartphones

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Opera is running a predict and win campaign where users are expected to predict the outcomes of football matches to stand a chance of winning $10,000 and also get free spin which can fetch them free airtime, cash vouchers and smartphones. This is not the first time opera is running such a campaign but this seems very interesting because each prediction done also puts you at a good position of winning part of the grand prize.

In this article, we are going to have a look at how to participate in the opera Predictor promo in order to win free airtime, smartphone, cash vouchers and much more. Without wasting more time, let’s get down to the main reason for writing this article.

About Opera Predict and Win Promo

Opera predictor promo

Like I have stated in the beginning of this article, the predict and win promo is aimed at rewarding users who predict the outcome of football matches with cash prizes and numerous gifts when they spin. When a user predicts and submits, they get free spin and with this spin, they stand a chance of winning a prize.

Opera predictor promo is very similar to shake and win in the sense that you are also required to login and submit your predictions using your shake and win account.

How to Access Opera Predictor to Start Predicting Outcome Of Matches

Firstly, the service is available on opera mini browser, so you may have to download it from Playstore or directly from HERE.

After which you launch the app and click on Predictor showing on your homepage. Below is a screen illustration to guide you.

How to access Opera predictor

When you locate it, click on the predictor and start predicting. You have to predict about 5 matches whether correct prediction or not, and submit using your shake and win opera account.

Immediately the predictions are submitted, you will be given a free spin. Spin and win one of the numerous prizes. Some people win free airtime, some others win free cash prizes and many others.

The good thing is, you also stand a chance of winning part of the grand prize which will be announced later on as long as your predictions keep being correct. But getting the spin is not dependent on the correctness of your prediction, just predict daily and get free spin and a chance to win free prizes.

Countries Eligible For Opera Predict And Win

  1. Nigeria
  2. Kenya
  3. South Africa

So you must be in one of the aforementioned countries to access the predictor and stand a chance of winning cash prizes and airtime. The redemption method is still similar to what was obtainable on opera shake and win, cash prizes can be redeemed using opay account and it takes a number of days before the money will be paid to the account of the winners.

Airtime prizes on the other hand can be redeemed instantly! So start predicting and winning free prizes.

Below are screenshots of winnings from Opera Predict and Win of some of my Group Members;

Opera predictor prizes.

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