Opera Shake And Win Promo: Get Unlimited Shakes & Free Airtime Hourly

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Opera shake and win trick

The Opera shake and win is still ongoing with many people bagging some of the amazing prizes such as free airtime, cash vouchers, smartphones and much more. Shortly after the commencement of the promo, people started encountering issues with the sign up process because OTP wasn’t forthcoming.

This halted registration and participation in the program and unfortunately, people are still having issues with getting onboarded on the Opera shake and win promo due to OTP problems but the good news is that, the OTP problem doesn’t stop you from receiving airtime after shaking.

What does this mean for us? It means you can still accumulate your airtime despite the OTP failure. For the benefit of those who may be stumbling on this post for the first time or reading about the Opera shake and win for the first time, let’s have a rundown of what the promo entails once more.

What is The Opera Shake And Win Promo About?

It is a promotion launched by Opera for users to secure some prizes during the ongoing world cup competition. Lucky users get to win cash vouchers, smartphones and lots of airtime depending on how lucky they are and when they participate in the shake and win promo.

According to the information on Opera official website, the platform intends to give away as much as $300,000 to users this period courtesy of the shake and win promotion. Having examined the pertinent information or aspects of the Opera shake and win, let’s get down to the main purpose of writing this piece.

How to Participate In The Opera Shake And Win Promotion

Get free Airtime hourly on Opera shake and win

You can participate in the Opera shake and win promotion by downloading either of the two applications;

You don’t need to download the two, just download either of them and launch, you will see the shake and win icon. Click on it and follow the instructions in our previous post explaining everything there is to know about the Opera Shake and win promo.

Our interest in this post, is to examine how to get unlimited shakes and thus more chances of winning Airtime precisely. What this means is that, you don’t need an account to win airtime vouchers on the Opera Mini app or apex football app. Just follow the instructions going to be stated in this post.

How to Get Unlimited Shakes And More Airtime On The Opera Shake And Win Promotion

Get unlimited shakes on Opera shake and win promo

1. Download App Cloner Pro Mod and also learn how to use the app Cloner to create many copies of any application accurately.

2. Secondly, launch the App Cloner and use it to batch clone the Opera Mini Browser app as much as you want. It is advisable not to clone more than 10.

3. That’s all you need, install the 10 cloned opera mini Browsers and use them to shake as much as possible every 4 hours. This means that instead of shaking just on one Opera app, you get additional 10-15 shakes every 4 hours which increases your chances of winning more airtime.

You don’t need to have any account or even proceed with any registration to enjoy the opera shake and win promo countless times. More shakes means more chances of winning Airtime. Enjoy and feel free to join our telegram channel for more interesting updates.

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