Opinion.Africa Review: Answer Surveys And Win Airtime Daily

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Opinion.Africa survey review

Opinion Space Africa otherwise known as Opinion.Africa due to the website address is a survey platform that rewards users with free points which could be withdrawn via airtime. Like the name implies, opinion space Africa is an African survey site that is originally from Kenya but presently accepting respondents from most countries in Africa.

It works like many other survey websites you’ve probably used but in the bid to provide our viewers with unlimited ways of earning money, accessing freebies and other goodies, I decided to write about opinion space Africa.

In this article basically, we’d be having a look at opinion.africa review, how to get free airtime daily from answering surveys and how to withdraw the airtime when you’ve gotten enough points. We will also have a look at some of the vital information regarding the survey site.

How to Get Started On Opinion Africa Survey

How to register on opinion Africa

1. Sign up on opinion space Africa via the official link – https://opinion.africa/dashboard/

2. Basic information about yourself will be asked such as first and last name, date of birth; this is used to determine the kind of surveys you’d be qualified, your country, state or city etc.

The information required of you, is part of the details every survey accesses before they provide respondents with valid surveys.

3. When you are done registering, the next step would be to complete the profile surveys. It’s purely your choice to either complete the surveys or ignore but I would suggest you complete some of the profile surveys because they help opinion Africa match you with the right surveys.

There is no email verification, so immediately you are done with registration, you will be logged into your main account to start answering surveys.

How to Win Airtime Daily From Opinion.Africa Survey

While registering, make sure you sign up with the legit email address. Reason being that survey invitations would be sent to your registered email, so making use of an inactive email address, means losing or missing out on surveys.

According to the information on the platform, the survey amount ranges between $0.50 to $50 per survey. This makes it a high paying survey site since many other surveys offer very low survey points.

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You get invited to complete surveys regularly via email with the price tag attached to each survey. The longer the survey, the higher you will most likely earn from answering or completing such survey.

Having examined how to get started and how to start winning airtime on opinion.africa as a respondent, let’s get down to some of the highly important details.

What’s the Minimum Withdrawal On Opinion Space Africa?

Minimum Withdrawal on opinion Africa

The minimum withdrawal on opinion space Africa varies depending on the User’s country of origin. For Nigerians, the minimum amount you can withdraw via airtime voucher is 100 Naira.

As soon as you’ve earned up to 100 naira, you will be qualified to withdraw your balance via airtime.

To do it, simply click on wallet icon, then on Rewards and then you enter amount, phone number, select network provider and submit.

Withdrawals are not automatic but it will certainly come.

Is Opinion.Africa Legit?

Opinion Africa is a legit survey website well known in Kenya and some other African nations. You actually get paid for the surveys via airtime with a very low minimum withdrawal.

The only downside of opinion.africa survey is the disqualifications people often experience with surveys. This has always been a major turn off when it comes to survey sites and opinion space Africa is not an exception, as soon as they discover you don’t match the information of the set of people needed for a survey, you can be disqualified without a compensation even after you’ve gone half way into the survey.

It is for this reason that, you should only fill your correct information and make sure you also select these details while answering surveys to avoid being flagged by the system.

Does Opinion.Africa have a referral program?

The answer is yes but for now the referral links are not working. So the only way for users to get onboard is by signing up directly which renders the referral program information on the dashboard useless.

You can only earn when you complete surveys.

That’s pretty much all there is to know about opinion.africa.

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