Paidlux Review, Legit or Scam – Earn Free 300 Naira Daily By Viewing Ads

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Paidlux is a PTC platform that provides users with opportunity to earn some money when they view and click on adverts for some seconds. PTC stands for paid to click and this kind of websites have been around for a while but some of them don’t pay and because of this, they have overtime become seriously unpopular amongst people who are very interested in earning some money daily.

Since this is a blog focused on freebies, I decided to also publish an article on paidlux because it has been confirmed to be paying and from the reviews on trust pilot which are obviously not paid for, it’s clear that it’s legit for now. In this article we are going to be having a look at paidlux Review, whether paidlux is legit or scam and how to earn up to 300 naira free of charge on the platform when you view ads for some seconds.


Paidlux is s PTC website that users can register on to earn money when they click and view on advertisements on websites. The ads you view are on paidlux, all you have to do is open the website, sign up and you will be instantly given a free plan worth 200 naira of which, you will be allowed to view just 3 ads on a daily basis.

Paidlux Review – Is paidlux legit or scam?

This question is very important because no one would like to waste his or her time on a website and at the end of the day, go home empty handed. Paidlux is legit judging from the information I’ve gotten both privately from people who have earned from it and the ones from my research.

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It actually pays but that’s if you participate by viewing ads and clicking on ads when necessary as instructed on a daily basis. Don’t take my word for it, here are some of the reviews of the platform from users on trust pilot;

Paidlux truspilot reviews

How to Earn Up to 300 Naira Or More On Paidlux

  • First of all, you need to create an account and to do this, just click HERE to open an account.
  • After creating the account, you will be logged into your profile and given a free membership plan also known as the starter plan worth 200 naira. It comes with 3 daily tasks and also your earnings will be much lower compared to someone on either of the paid plans.

Plans Available On Paidlux

There are two paid plans available on the platform are as follows;

Paidlux standard plan

1. The standard plan which costs 1000 naira. On this plan, you will be able to view more adverts on a daily basis and also earn more money daily because more ads means more money for you.

Paidlux premium plan

2. The premium plan costs 3,000 naira and the plan is valid for 40 days, which means you view ads on a daily and keep earning for 40 days before your plan expires and you’d be required to resubscribe if the service is appealing to you. I won’t advise any of my viewers to rush into purchasing or upgrading to a paid plan yet, first of all participate in the free plan and withdraw as soon as you have gotten the minimum withdrawal amount.

Minimum Withdrawal on Paidlux

Minimum withdrawal on paidlux

The minimum withdrawal on paidlux earning platform is 200 naira. This is very small and a good sign since most scam platforms intentionally raise minimum withdrawal to an unattainable amount to make users work like slaves and not earn a dime.

On paidlux you can earn up to the minimum withdrawal fast enough and withdraw as long as you view ads daily. You can even earn up to the minimum withdrawal in two days.

Paidlux Referral Program

Paidlux referral program is based on whatever your downlines earn. There is no defined amount you can earn. It all boils down to what your referrals earn and as such, if you confirm the platform to be worthwhile and wish to earn via referrals, encourage your referrals to sign up and view ads to start earning some commissions from whatever they earn.

Paidlux Review – Has Paidlux Crashed?

Yes, it appears paidlux has crashed. Stop registering or if you have not purchased a higher plan, desist from doing so because the platform is no longer paying.

Stay away and stop completing tasks.

The referral program is more interesting if your referrals upgrade to any of the paid plans.

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