Palmpay ATM Card: How to Apply & Where to Use It

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How to apply for Palmpay ATM card,

Does palmpay have an ATM card? When people ask for ATM card, what they often want to see is that rectangular shaped card that can be used to withdraw money from ATM stands and also from Point of Sale(POS). With the growing popularity of Palmpay and the fact that many other Fintech applications have ATM card, one question, users have often asked is, does palmpay have ATM card? How to get palmpay ATM card? among others.

The urge to answer this question led to the publication of this article. Palmpay is a mobile wallet that was launched sometime in 2019 and ever since it has grown tremendously amongst the populace due to the numerous banking services that can be gotten at ease. Opening a palmpay account is as easy as possible and as such, most techies have grown to like palmpay and the likes more than the commercial banks that are supposedly “more established and safe’.

Be that as it may, one thing that often bothers or hinders the full usage of palmpay as a bank is the issue of ATM card thus the growing concern by many as to whether palmpay has atm card. So in this article, we are going to be finding out if palmpay has an ATM card and if they do, how to apply for the ATM card. 

Does Palmpay Have ATM Card?

The answer to this question is no. Presently, palmpay doesn’t have an ATM card and understandably so, it’s just a mobile money application and not yet a microfinance bank like Fairmoney and Opay. In the future, palmpay may introduce ATM card for it’s users but for now, palmpay users can apply for something similar, known as the palmpay QR card. 

What’s Palmpay QR Card?

About palmpay QR card

Palmpay QR card is a physical wallet that is associated with a person’s palmpay account and it can be used for regular banking transactions. Now one may be wondering, how is this different from palmpay ATM card or debit card? It is different in some ways but at least one can call it palmpay’s definition of what an ATM card should be. Don’t mind me.

With the QR card, customers can save money, withdraw cash, deposit cash, send money and receive money simply by using their QR card number. No BVN or smartphone is required to use the palmpay QR card.

Where Can The Palmpay QR Card Be Used?

Like I stated earlier the palmpay QR card can be used to withdraw money from any POS and also deposit money into the palmpay account. It’s not a debit card that can be used on ATM stands but just on POS centres.

To use the QR card to deposit money, all the agent has to do is collect your card, scan it and then enter the amount you intend to deposit. If you want to withdraw, the same process applies, transactions can easily be conducted using by scanning your QR code or the agent entering the QR card number.

How to Apply for Palmpay ‘ATM Card’ (QR Card)

To apply for the palmpay ATM card, permit me to call it an ATM card or debit card since it can perform majority of the transactions a regular ATM card does. If you want to apply for this card, open your palmpay application, click on “Me” i.e. access your profile and on that page, you will find the QR card option.

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Click on it, fill the necessary information and your card will be delivered to you after 7 days. Once you get the palmpay QR card, most transactions such as withdrawals and deposits to your palmpay account will be much easier as long as you have the card. The use of phone for most transactions would pretty much be a thing of the past for you.

That’s all there is to know about palmpay ATM card, how to apply for the card and where it can be used! Feel free to join our telegram channel and group for more interesting updates.

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