Palmpay Pay Me: Get Free 300 Naira By Setting Up Business Virtual Acct

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Palmpay pay me gives users an opportunity to earn free 300 naira when they set up their business virtual accounts on the app. A couple of days ago, Opay Introduced The Pay Me service that rewarded many users with 300 naira bonus for uploading a proof that they are receiving money with their pay me account details but we didn’t even know Palmpay had this feature before then.

In this article, we are going to be talking about the palmpay pay me and how you can earn 300 naira by simply setting up a business virtual account on palmpay. This is for people who own shops or business centres and perhaps use their accounts for receiving money, with the pay me, you can receive money with a virtual account number and details without necessarily revealing the phone number you used in creating your palmpay account.

About Palmpay Pay Me

Sample of shop

The pay me service is an initiative put in place by palmpay to encourage business owners who receive money with their palmpay accounts to simply create a business virtual account which they can use to receive money. Using the pay me provides a user with the opportunity to have a new account number that can be used to receive money from customers.

Interestingly, using the palmpay pay me service also gives you an opportunity to earn some money when you upload a proof that shows you have used the pay me account details to receive money. But for you to get the free 300 naira, you have to enable the pay me on the app.

How to Enable Palmpay Pay Me to Get Free 300 Naira Bonus

About palmpay pay me bonus

  • Open the palmpay app, if you don’t have the app, you may have to download and sign up/create an account before you can access the pay me.
  • Once you have logged into the account, you will see “pay me“, click on it and you will be shown the normal palmpay account details, beside it you will find the option to enable the pay me account details, click on Get Now

Setting up business virtual account on Palmpay

  • Enable the pay me account details and download it. After downloading it, go to cyber cafe and print out the pay me account details. Then place in front of your business center or shop, take a picture of it clearly showing in front of your shop.

How to apply for Palmpay pay me free 300 naira

  • Head back to the palmpay app, click on pay me and then apply for the free 300 naira bonus. Fill your business information and then upload the image of the palmpay pay me poster showing in front of your shop. After some minutes a representative will review the submission and your palmpay account will be credited with 300 naira bonus.

As usual, not all the people that viewed the post have businesses, so if you are interested in receiving the bonus, your best bet is editing the picture so perfectly and using your pay me account details to place in front of a shop.

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This should be done professionally because Palmpay reps actually review all documents uploaded and if there is any mishap, your application will be rejected and you won’t be given the bonus. If you don’t have a shop and would like to get this free 300 naira from palmpay, then you must edit the picture so much that even human reviewers wouldn’t detect any artificiality.

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