Palmpay Plus: Earn Money From Daily Transactions

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Palmpay plus is a new service set up by the platform to enable active users make some money in commissions from their activities. I am sure you must have seen the feature among the services and perhaps have not taken time to go through what it is.

In this article we are going to be knowing more about palmpay plus, what it entails and how you can earn money daily from completing transactions on the palmpay app. But it comes with an eligibility criteria, so before we get down to how it works and how you can earn some money by being on the plus let’s look at the criteria

How to Eligible For Palmpay Plus

How to Eligible for Palmpay plus

To be eligible for the service or to enroll into the service and start earning some commissions, you must be an active user of palmpay and also must be a tier 2 or tier 3 user.

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This means, you must have submitted your BVN to the app or done some form of identity verification. It is often done as one is registering but some people don’t link their BVN or National ID. If you however intend to be on palmpay plus, you must be have done real name authentication and upgraded to KYC 2 at least.

What Do you Stand to Gain On Palmpay Plus?

Palmpay plus- earn commissions for transactions

Palmpay plus like I said is a service set up by the platform to encourage users who perform lots of transactions such as airtime purchases, bill payments such as cable tv subscription sports and gaming, electricity payments etc regularly on the app. When you are on the service, you earn commissions each time you perform transactions on the app.

This service is originally meant for Palmpay users who help others buy airtime and make other bill payments. When they do this, they get commissions the next day after performing transactions. For example, you buy 10,000 naira worth of airtime for either yourself or some people today, tomorrow you get credited with up to 500 Naira or more as commissions for your airtime purchases the following day.

It’s not so major but as an active palmpay user, you can earn some commissions from the transactions you complete on the app for free. I mean, receiving commissions from transactions is a good deal, isn’t it?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are The Requirements for becoming Palmpay Plus?

  • a. High transactions history
  • b. A palmpay account upgraded to KYC 2 or 3.

2. What Transactions Can You Get Commissions On Palmpay Plus?

You can get commissions from the following transactions or business on the service;

  • a. Airtime Purchases
  • b. Data subscriptions
  • c. Electricity TV payments.
  • d. Sports and gaming payments
  • e. Cable TV payments

3. How to calculate the commissions from the service?

  • There are three levels on palmpay plus with each level having its own benefits. When you are on level 1, it means you have spent not less than 100 naira within the last two months. You earn about 1% commission on airtime purchases and data purchases on the plus service.
  • Whereas as a level 2 palmpay plus member, you earn 2.2% on airtime and data purchases.
  • On level 3, you earn 3.3% on airtime and data purchases and up to 1% on electricity payments.

That’s all to know about palmpay plus service! Incase you are wondering what palmpay plus is about, I guess this article has answered your questions.


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