Paravision Research: Get $6 – $10 Tremendous Card By Uploading Pictures

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Paravision Research - earn $6

Are you aware that you can earn between $6 – $10 on Paravision by submitting your pictures? Paravision Research has to do with Ai development and innovation that is aimed at developing the best and accurate products with the research being conducted. Currently, the application is giving away free $6 tremendous Card to any person who assists in the testing of the AI.

What is Paravision Research All About?

Paravision Research is an Application dedicated to the development of the Paravision product. Users from various countries are required to submit their throwback pictures which would be used to test the Paravision product and in return get rewarded with $6 – $10 depending on the territory code utilised.

As a user, all you need to submit your throwback pictures is the territory code i.e. a five digit code unique to Paravision users in every country.

How to Get $6 – $10 Tremendous Card From Paravision Research

  • You will be required to download the Paravision Ai research Application from Google Playstore and then sign up with your country’s territory code, then upload your throwback pictures ranging from 1-10 years ago after which you will be rewarded with a $6 (previously $10) gift card for your time.

Having given a full summary of how the platform works and how you intend to benefit, below is a step-by-step guide on how to get your $6 tremendous Card from Paravision free.

How to Get Paravision Territory Rep Code For Paravision

  • Install the Paravision Research Application from Google Playstore Directly.
  • Sign up in the application by selecting your country of origin, if you are a Nigerian, simply select Nigeria and enter 93011 as territory rep code.

Submitting photos on Paravision

  • After which you proceed to submitting your content i.e. the throwback pictures. it’s quite self explanatory, all you have to do is ensure you have close to 20 throwback pictures. They must not be as old as the app requires but just make sure they look old and also your face should be clear in those throwback pictures.

Paravision app

When you are done submitting the throwback pictures to Paravision Ai research, you will be rewarded with $6 tremendous Card within some hours, just keep an eye on your mailbox. The card can be used to purchase things online or be redeemed to cash.

Note: Bookmark this webpage and always visit it every two to three days because we update new territory rep codes every time it is available.

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