Phone Not Browsing Without VPN? Here is A Simple Solution

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Phone not browsing without VPN

For over two weeks now, I have been finding it really hard to browse without being connected to a VPN even though I have data on my two sims. As an enthusiastic learner, I decided to look it up on several tech websites and in the process of searching I found a simple solution to the problem.

If your phone doesn’t browse whenever you are not connected to a Virtual private network(VPN) then the information contained in this piece would be highly enlightening to you. Sometimes we face some difficulties that may seem like major issue when it’s in fact, nothing serious, the solution to the problem of phone not browsing unless you are connected to a VPN is as follows;

Solution to Phone Not Browsing Without Being Connected to a VPN

Like I stated in the beginning of this piece, it is a small problem that requires simple steps to get resolved. The steps may vary depending on the kind of device you use.

How to resolve phone not browsing without VPN

1. Head to your phone settings, on the settings page, locate and click on Network & Sharing, it might be Network & Internet on your own device anyways.

2. Secondly, when you have clicked on the Network and sharing, select Access Point Names or “Reset WiFi, Mobile Network, Bluetooth..” on your phone.

Resetting network settings

3. Depending on the one showing on your device, when you have clicked on the access point settings simply click on the three dots by the top right corner and select “reset to default settings” if your device is showing Reset Mobile Network, Bluetooth instead, just scroll down to where you will see the two networks you use and click on the bold reset settings option.

When you are done resetting the settings, everything will go back to normal, the default settings and then the issue of phone not browsing unless you are connected to a VPN will be a thing of the past. I’ve been battling the issue for some weeks now and it’s not been funny on my battery, little did I know the solution was right in front of me.

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Thanks, share to others because you never know who could be experiencing this problem now.

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