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How to earn dollars on Helidrops

Helidrops is a gaming platform that players can earn as much as 5 dollars on a daily basis. The most interesting aspect is that, the game in question just involves clicking or tapping on mystery boxes and for which each of them comes with its own prize. Some are cash prizes, while others contain raffle tickets that can be used to enter the raffle.

I got to know about this website yesterday and shared it on my various WhatsApp and Telegram Groups, and the few people that joined immediately have started earning some bucks online. I guess that’s one of the numerous advantages of being on my telegram channel and Whatsapp group. You can still join by clicking any of the icons above. Sorry for digressing, the Helidrops gaming platform is so easy and fun to participate in, so below are the step by step procedures on how to start making some bucks on Helidrops;

How to Make Some Dollars From Playing Games On Helidrops

First of all, you need to sign up for Helidrops By Clicking HERE, on the registration page, you would be required to fill some information, make sure you do it correctly and also ensure the referral Code – NOPTTO is showing.

Submit your signup form and verify your email address. This is one of the most important things you need to do before your account can get fully registered. The signup takes less than 5 minutes, so there is no excuse not to start earning right away.

Helidrops mystery boxes

Once your account email gets verified, login and start clicking on the mystery boxes to win amazing prizes. For a start i.e. on the first level, you will be given 5 coins every hour, with the coins you will have more chance to open the boxes.

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You can continuously open the mystery boxes to earn more gifts, but if you want to get more coins rapidly because; you know, time is money. You have to refer friends to the app because per person you refer, you get more XP and your level increases for more coins to drop hourly.

Remember, more coins, more chances at the mystery boxes and more revenue and cash prizes. It’s a funny game but also rewarding if you stick to it for a few minutes. I earned over 5 dollars first day of registering on the site and will certainly get to 10 dollars before today runs out.

How to Withdraw Revenue From Helidrops Gaming Platform

Withdrawal of revenue from Helidrops

You can withdraw via Payeer, PayPal, Bitcoin. Currently, Bitcoin is $20 minimum withdrawal, PayPal is $20 but it is not available for Nigerians due to the restriction placed on the country by PayPal but you can try it out with a VPN when you get to the minimum withdrawal amount.

Thanks, share this post to others who may be interested in earning some bucks online! I mean, it’s better than wasting time on social media without earning a dime, considering the technological era we are in currently.

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