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Jumia free 5k voucher

Play Jumia Box Game And Win Upto 5k Voucher

Jumia free 5k voucher

Jumia has introduced a new game called the Jumia Box Game. It is aimed at rewarding users with free vouchers that can make purchasing goods easy in the ongoing tech week. If you are in many telegram groups and channels, then you must have seen different messages from people saying they have Jumia vouchers for sale. No, they didn’t hack Jumia or steal it, they simply won it by playing the Box Game.

In today’s article, we are going to have a look at how you too can win and accumulate Jumia vouchers this period instead of going about purchasing from people who may also resell same code to others in the bid to scam you. It’s a free offer from Jumia and as such, the update should not be hidden from you in anyway. Below is a procedural guide on how to accumulate Jumia vouchers in the Box Game to enable you purchase goods at cheaper prices.

How To Participate In The Jumia Box Game

There are two ways of doing it, one is opening the website directly or downloading the Jumia Application from Google Playstore or Apple Store.

After downloading the app, sign in with your Facebook account or your previously created Jumia Account but if you don’t have any, which is unlikely, you can create one in few minutes and start playing the game as soon as you have verified your account email and phone number.

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When you are done with the login stage, just go back to the home page of Jumia and scroll down to where you will games and exciting offers. Below is a screenshot guide.

Jumia box Game

Select Jumia Box Game and start playing the game. It’s a very simple game that requires patience, so you need to calm down while playing the game. Since it’s free, no matter how many times you fail, you can always retry as long as you have not claimed the prize for the day. Below is a break down of the levels you must reach and the vouchers attached to each;

> If you get to step 10, you get 1k Jumia voucher

> If you get to step 20-29, you get 2,500 Jumia voucher

> If you get to step 30+ you get 5k Jumia voucher

How to redeem the Jumia Vouchers

Redeeming Jumia vouchers

Once you get to level 10, 20 or 30, you can immediately click on Redeem prize as soon as the game ends to claim your voucher. Note that, you can only claim prize once in a day, so don’t rush to claim until you have gotten to any of the aforementioned levels.

All these vouchers can be used as a discount code while purchasing products during the ongoing Jumia tech week. But all vouchers end on the 3rd of April, so endeavour to make use of the vouchers immediately you get them.

Thanks, share to others and stop them from falling victim to potential scammers who will disguise in the name of voucher sellers.

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