Pocket Free Cash: Resolve ‘Invalid Device Error’ While Scanning Contacts Easily

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Bypass the invalid device error while scanning contacts on Pocket App

Are you experiencing the invalid device error whenever you want to scan contacts on Pocket Application? As we all know, pocket app is giving some free cash to users who are able to find pocket users in their contact list. The more contacts using the pocket app on your list, the higher your earnings.

But ever since the promo started, not everyone have been able to scan contacts effectively. There’s a number of error messages that often show up whenever people attempt scanning contacts; prominent amongst the error is the problem of invalid device error that often prevents the pocket app from scanning the contacts with the excuse that your location is turned off and all.

In this post, we are going to be having a look at how to effectively resolve the problem of invalid device error. If that’s the main thing hindering you from getting some free cash from pocket application, then you can be rest assured that the problem is now in the past. But before get down to the business or the main purpose of writing this post, there is need to know what pocket app is all about for new or first timers.

What is Pocket/Abeg Application All About?

Pocket Application was formerly referred to as Abeg App before it was acquired by Piggyvest and the name was changed to what it is presently. It is a hub where users buy, sell, pay and get paid with ease or without the fear of being scammed.

Ever since it was acquired by Piggyvest, it has evolved into a full social commerce application with payments embedded, giving users everything they need to shop, sell, pay and get paid easily in Nigeria. As a businessperson, you can now create shops to sell your products online without paying a dime in commission on sales. The app is great for every entrepreneur and also provided users with an opportunity to earn some money when new users are found on their contact list.

How to Scan Contacts On Pocket Application

If this is the first time you’re stumbling upon this blog post or hearing about pocket app, then you can start the journey by downloading the Pocket App from Google Play Store 

  • After downloading Pocket App, sign up with your real details and verify your account with your Bank Verification Number (BVN).
  • When you’re done with the verification, update your profile by uploading picture, adding and verifying your email address and then you click on Connect Friends, turn on your location and grant the pocket app access to your contacts and access to your location. Wait for some seconds for the process to complete and you will be credited with some bonus depending on the number of pocket app users on your contact list.
  • You can read more about How to Make Money From Scanning Contacts On Pocket App 

How to Resolve The Invalid Device Error While Scanning Contacts On Pocket Application

I believe you are an existing user already, so login to the Pocket Application, click on your profile icon. Check screenshot below for guidance;

How to resolve invalid device error while scanning contacts on Pocket App

Pocket app settings

Then tap on settings > scroll down till you locate the Business settings, if you are not already a pocket pro user, click on become a pocket professional.

Business settings on pocket app

Follow the instructions and then create a shop after upgrading to an entrepreneur. You can fill any random details while creating the shop and then when you’re done with the shop creation go back to the home page and rescan contacts. The invalid device error will no longer show up. If you encounter the device in already in use error, simply wipe the app data and clone the app into one or two and login on one of the cloned versions.

You can always rescan the contacts on Pocket app after every two days. Thanks, share and endeavour to join our WhatsApp and telegram channel for more interesting updates.

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