Pocket7 Games Review: Play Games & Earn Upto $50

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Pocket7 is an online gaming application that provides users with an opportunity to earn some money when they win any round in the games available. The games feature two participants in most cases and there are loads of games to choose from. If you are a game freak, instead of playing the games that wouldn’t fetch you a dime, why not play the game that can fetch you some money?

In this article we are going to be having a look at pocket7 games review, how to earn $6 welcome bonus instantly and up to $50 playing games on a daily basis. Before we get started, it is important for you to know that, pocket7 is not supposed to be available for people in this part of the world, so there are some requirements needed to enjoy the full functionality of the app.

Requirements Needed to Earn on Pocket7 Games App

1. Your standard Android or iOS device

2. Location changer application which can be downloaded either from Google Play store or if you are an iOS user, you can look out for any good location changer available on Apple store. While looking for a good application on any application store, one way to know how good is by checking reviews.

3. PayPal account that will be used for withdrawal. This is actually a red flag for people in Nigeria considering the restriction on Paypal account creation but if you have Lesotho PayPal or have a vendor, you can use his or her own to receive your PayPal payments

Pocket7 games review – Is Pocket7 Legit or Scam?

Is Pocket7 Legit?

Pocket7 games is a legit online earning platform that actually rewards users with monetary benefits when they play games and win. The app has very good reviews on apple store though at the moment for reasons best known to them, pocket7 is not available on Google play store but can be downloaded directly from their website.

So if you are wondering whether pocket7 games is legit or scam, worry no more. Just ensure you abide by the rules and don’t try to cheat the system in any way to avoid being blocked.

How to Earn $6 bonus On Pocket7

How to start playing games and earning money on pocket7

  1.  Once you have the above requirements, the next step is to download pocket7 app and create an account. To do this simply login to pocket7 official website
  2. The app size is kind of high, so this may also be a deal breaker for many but don’t let it. There is more to gain than the data spent on downloading the app.
  3. After downloading, proceed to create an account. The process should be smooth and then you will be given free $6 welcome bonus. If you are not given the bonus, simply tap on your profile icon, select Redeem Code and enter this referral code – hSPHjUt upon entering the code, you will be given free digs.
  4. Use the digs to earn cash bonuses that can be transferred to your wallet for games.

When you are done with all these steps, the next step is to start playing games.

How to Start Playing Pocket7 Games

How to start playing games on pocket7 app

Head back to your location changer and select a new location. Choose United States of America. Reason is, pocket7 games works well in the country.

Once you have started location changer with a new mock location. Go back to the app and select any of the games from the list and start playing.

For me, the best and easiest game with lower rate of failing because each time you fail, you lose money. The easier game is “Dunk Shot” or basketball game.

This game is easier and if you are tactical enough, you can multiply your welcome bonus from this game to earn more.

When you select a game, you will be asked to pick any of the offers from the list according to the amount you are willing to stake for the game. If you go for that of $0.6 dollars, when you win, you will be given $1 withdrawable bonus but if you lose, they will deduct the initial stake from your pocket7 account.

Make sure you start with the low amounts initially so you don’t end up losing everything you worked for.

Pocket7 games Referral Program

How pocket7 referral program works

This is actually one of the most interesting if not the most interesting aspect of this game app.

Every user can earn up to $3000 worth of referral bonus and there is basically no stated principle guiding the release of the bonus. All you are required to do is refer new users with your referral code and then, you will be given digs.

For each referral who creates an account with either your referral code or link, you will be given one dig. Then you can dig for gold or bonus with the free digs. Each dig can give you up to $10 ie. you’d be getting $10 per referral! Isn’t that amazing?

How to Withdraw Pocket7 games Referral Bonus

There is no way to withdraw the referral bonus, you can only move the referral bonuses from the referral page to your main bonus balance to use in playing more games. The extra incentive on the games won is what you can withdraw.

Is Self Referral Possible on Pocket7 games App?

Self referral is not possible on the app! If they notice you are self referring, the bonuses can be cancelled or you won’t be able to withdraw your winnings. So stick to legit and honest practices to avoid being blocked.

You can turn on your hotspot for friends who feel the app is too large if you master the game well enough and start making money from it.

Pocket7 games payment Proof

Pocket7 app payment proof

There are many payment proofs available but for the sake of this pocket7 games review article, we’ll stop at this. If you stick to the rules, there is little to no possiblity of you getting blocked or not being paid.

That’s all there is to know about pocket7 games review! If you enjoyed this review, feel free to join our telegram channel and group for more interesting updates.

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